15 Best Hunting Fanny Pack for Hunting in 2023

A high-quality fanny pack can make a big difference in your hunting experience. It gives you the benefit of storing your hunting apparatus and gear, making them easily accessible when you are on the move.


However, picking the best fanny pack for hunting is not an easy thing. This is especially true if you don’t know what to look for. The right fanny pack will have plenty of segments and pockets for storage. It will also be lightweight, waterproof, and easy to carry.


Speaking of fanny packs, they are completely different from the ones manufactured in the 90s. Modern fanny packs are more durable and designed for intense physical activity. 


Fanny packs are a must-have hunting gear for hunters as it allows them to store the items that they need on hand. Having a fanny pack means you can keep your hands free.


If you are looking for the best fanny pack for your hunting adventures, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will suggest you some of the best-selling hunting fanny packs. Go through the reviews so you know which products to trust and which are worth your money.



Best Hunting Waist Packs with Straps


The lumbar packs included in this section are designed to allow you to carry exactly what you need without straining your back. These packs are equipped with shoulder straps and padded hip belts that distribute the weight evenly. The removable harnesses and straps give you the ability to convert the lumbar packs into fanny pack mode. This way you can use store your essential hunting items for quick access. That being said, now let’s take a look at the best hunting fanny pack with shoulder straps.

1. SITKA Gear Hunting Elevated II Tool Belt


SITKA Gear Hunting Elevated II Tool Belt

Weight : 2.6 lb

Capacity : 600 cubic inches

Pros : High-quality material, best design, comfortable

Cons : Expensive

Best for : Ultralight deer, elk, and turkey hunting

Starting off the list with SITKA gear hunting tool belt which is perfect for ultralight hunting. This pack is suitable for hunters who prefer to carry lightweight packs instead of bulkier ones.

It is designed for whitetail hunters in an elevated position. It has a removable gear jacket and bib shoulder strap for comfortable use. It is spacious enough to store all your necessities.

If you take a closer look at the pack, you will notice the following :

  • Two water bottle holders on each side
  • Reversible opening to convert it into fanny mode
  • Magnetic closure
  • Single zipper inside with four Bungie compartments
  • Removable shoulder harness

The material is high-quality and the stitching is strong. SITKA’s Optifade camo makes the pack almost invisible to your prey even while approaching them. Considering the features of this pack, it can be said that it’s the best solution for minimalist hunters. If you don’t have a budget constraint, you can consider buying this pack.


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2. ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Pack


ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Pack


Weight : 2.1 lbs

Capacity : 500 cubic inches

Pros : Premium fabric, easy to use, comfortable

Cons : Poor quality snaps

Best for : After-work hiking trips, hunting, fishing


If you are looking for the best one within your budget, then ALPS OutdoorZ Little Bear Hunting Pack could be the best fanny pack for you. It is a versatile pack with just enough space to store the hunting items you need.

It has four pockets and external straps, allowing you to carry your stuff with ease. The unique design of the pack offers many options for use. You can organize all your gear in the two front pockets and the two side pockets.

Besides that, the pack has the following features:

  • Removable shoulder harness and waist belt
  • Padded waist straps
  • Polyester material
  • Available in different camo patterns
  • Accessory pocket compatibility

The removable straps and harness system allow you to use the pack as a fanny or lumber pack. Despite all the good things, the price of the pack is very low. This shows that you don’t always have to break your bank balance to get a quality fanny pack. Some of them are within your budget and include the best features.


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3. Badlands Monster Fanny Pack 



badlands monster fanny pack

Weight : 2.6 lbs

Capacity : 1100 cubic inches

Pros : Quality construction, comfortable, waterproof material

Cons : Big in size

Best for : Carrying a lot of hunting items

Those who are aiming to save money but at the same time want a quality fanny pack should check out the Badlands Monster. Made of waterproof fabric, it is one of the best packs to buy. Whether hunting in the rain or near water, your pack will stay dry.

The durable Aramid thread keeps the whole thing in one piece. Besides that, it has padded straps and harnesses and well-placed pockets to organize all your essentials.

ThermoMold Suspension utilizes molded foam that perfectly contours the human form. The lightweight Delron flex frame provides the right amount of support to reduce fatigue.

Other features that you will find in the pack are :

  • Compatibility hydration systems up to 1 liter
  • Seven pockets for storage
  • Realtree Edge camo
  • Daisy chain webbing
  • Large capacity

The camo pattern is such that it virtually disappears into the environment at close range. With all these features, it makes an ideal choice for recon or day hiking. It is fully adjustable so you can wear it the way you like. The fabric is waterproof, quiet, and lightweight. It is treated with C6 durable water repellent to keep wetness from seeping in.


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4. Timber Hawk Gut Hook Waist Pack


Timber Hawk Gut Hook Waist Pack

Weight : 1.2 lbs

Capacity : 925 cubic inches

Pros : Innovative design, lightweight, comfortable

Cons : Not suitable for bigger hunters

Best for : Deer, turkey and elk hunting

With Timber Hawk Gut Hook Waist Pack you can easily carry your bow on your hunting trip. It allows you to save your hunting essentials in one place so you can move around hands-free.

It is a lightweight pack with padded shoulder straps and an ingenious slot to carry your hunting bow. With so many pockets and expandability, you can easily replace your conventional hunting pack with this pack.

More features that are included in the pack are :

  • One large main pocket
  • Durable fabric
  • Padded waist and shoulder straps
  • Three interior pockets

This pack is best for archery hunters as it allows them to carry all their hunting stuff with ease. While the foam-padded straps and belts make it comfortable to carry, the side compression straps secure the load. The hip belt has two pockets on each side for easy access. All the straps can be adjusted as per your comfort level.


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5. Allen Pathfinder Fanny Pack with Shoulder Straps 


Allen Pathfinder Fanny Pack with Shoulder Straps 

Weight : 1.75 lbs

Capacity : 990 cubic inches

Pros : Wide shoulder straps, removable waist harness, silent zippers

Cons : Difficult to put on

Best for : Easy storing of items

With 990 cubic inches of capacity, this fanny pack is big enough to accommodate all your items. It comes with plenty of pockets and compartments, allowing you to organize all your small stuff.

Unlike other fanny packs, the zippers are cleverly designed to not make any noise when used. Your target won’t get to know that you are closer to them.

You will also get other useful features such as :

  • Multiple compartments and pockets
  • Removable waist belt
  • Lash tab at the bottom
  • Padded shoulder straps

It is made of waterproof fabric, which means it can protect your hunting gear from rain, spills and splashes. The dual cinch straps accommodate the lasting of accessories and clothing. The removable waist belt features 4 Buddy-lock accessory attachment points and adjustable sternum straps. In short, it is a compact package that is comfortable to carry around.


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6. Sportsman’s Outdoor Horn Hunter Fanny Pack


Sportsman's Outdoor Horn Hunter Fanny Pack

Weight : Not mentioned

Capacity : 680 cubic inches

Pros : Padded mesh belt, gear straps, comfortable

Cons : Noisy zippers

Best for : Long hunting sessions

With this 680 cubic inch fanny pack you are all set to go out for a 4-5 days hunting session. It is one of the most popular packs among hunters and has received high ratings on Amazon.

It has padded shoulder straps and a waist belt to distribute the weight evenly. This allows you to comfortably carry the pack with all your essentials within a hand’s grab.

Other features that are worth mentioning are :

  • Seven pockets and compartments
  • Padded mesh belt
  • Bottom gear straps
  • Smartly divided main pocket

It has enough pockets and compartments to fit your hunting items. The cool harness design of the pack makes it easy to carry even for long hours. Unlike other packs, Sportsman Outdoor Horn Hunter Pack doesn’t cause back pain. It has a unique design that helps distribute the weight for a comfortable experience.


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Best Strapless Hunting Fanny Packs

In this section, you will find all strapless hunting fanny packs. These packs are designed to wear around your waist and have no shoulder harnesses. You can use these packs to store the important hunting items within your reach.

Besides hunting, you can use these packs for airplane trips to save your earbuds, phones, wallets, and other small items.


7. Allen Excursion Waist Pack


Allen Excursion Waist Pack

Weight : Not mentioned

Capacity : 350 cubic inches

Pros : Durable fabric, quiet material, silent zippers

Cons : Some parts aren’t tough

Best for : Storing small items


Allen Excursion Waist Pack is not exactly targeted at hunters. This one can be used for other purposes as well. It is made of waterproof material so you can carry it to places without any worries.

It has a capacity of 350 cubic inches which should be enough to hold your hunting essentials. This way you can keep your hands free while you are on the move. An added advantage is the silent zippers.

Some more features included in the pack are :

  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Secure double-locking buckle
  • Quiet fabric
  • Padded mesh belt

This fanny pack is ideal for scouting trips into the woods. It allows you to carry your essentials and keep them within your hand’s reach. It may have a compact design, but in terms of durability, it’s a step ahead of most other fanny packs. If you want a tough one that can withstand rough handling, this could be the one for you.


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8. Mossy Oak Blue Jack Fanny Pack

Mossy Oak Blue Jack Fanny Pack

Weight : Not mentioned

Capacity : Not mentioned

Pros : Easy to carry, comfortable, water repellent

Cons : Waist pocket is too small

Best for : Carrying small items

Mossy Oak is a large fanny pack with dual zippers. It is designed to give quick and easy access to your essentials. Additionally, it is made of high-quality material that makes it tough enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The nylon fabric is resistant to water, which means it will keep your stuff protected from getting wet. The pack comes with a waist strap that can be adjusted to your needs.

When checking out the pack, you will also notice these features :

  • Mossy oak patterns
  • Dual zipper compartments
  • Water repellent
  • Tons of pockets
  • Carry handle

This is one of the best packs you will ever use. Due to its high versatility, you can use this pack at parks, zoos, and other places. So even if you are not a hunter, you can still purchase this bag to carry your belongings. It has plenty of pockets, providing enough storage space for all your stuff.


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9. ALPS OutdoorZ Prospector


alps outdoorz prospector

Weight : 9 lbs

Capacity : 400 cubic inches

Pros : Easy to carry, comfortable, quiet fabric

Cons : Kangaroo straps get in the way

Best for : Bow hunting


Minimalist early-season bowhunters don’t always need to carry a load of hunting equipment with them. Instead of stuffing your pant pockets, you can use the ALPS OutdoorZ Prospector to meet all your storage needs.

It allows you to organize and securely store your gear with easy access. This fanny pack is smaller than a hunting backpack, but it is big enough to fit everything you need for a day. The only issue that you might have with this pack is the kangaroo straps that tend to get in the way.

Other features that come with this pack include:

  • Quiet material
  • Mossy Oak camo pattern
  • Padded waist harness
  • Large main compartment
  • Front bungee cord system


The Prospector makes a great choice to carry your necessary hunting stuff. It has one main large compartment with a zipper. Considering all the features and the price of the pack, there’s no doubt that it makes a great deal. It provides complete value for your money. This pack is perfect for short hunting trips where you don’t need to carry much.


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10. Carhartt Adjustable Waist Pack 


Carhartt Adjustable Waist Pack for Men and Women

Weight : 7 lbs

Capacity : Not mentioned

Pros : Durable built, water repellent, durable zippers

Cons : Size is not suitable for all hunters

Best for : Storing the essential items close at hand


Carhartt Adjustable Waist Pack is a versatile option that can be used outside hunting. The design is such that it is suitable for both men and women. Although it is smaller in size, it doesn’t mean that it is not rugged. You can use it to carry all your small essentials and organize them in one place.

From hunting to fishing and airplane travel, this fanny pack can be used for various purposes. Whether you wear it around your waist or carry it over your shoulder, it will give you easy access to your belongings.

Some features that are worth mentioning are:

  • YKK zippers
  • Two pockets
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Four solid colors and one camo pattern
  • Two external loops
  • Quick-release buckle


When carrying this pack, you don’t need to worry about your things getting wet. The water-repellent material provides good protection against water splashes and light rain. It forces the water to bead up and rolls off the pack. The adjustable webbing belt is long enough to fit a waist up to 52 inches. The zipper compartment, multiple pockets, and two external loops allow you to organize your small stuff with ease.


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11. North Mountain Gear Camouflage Fanny Pack 


North Mountain Gear Camouflage Fanny Pack Lightweight Waterproof Military Hunting Climbing Camping Accessories

Weight : Not mentioned

Capacity : Not mentioned

Pros : Waterproof, comfortable, multiple pockets

Cons : Belt clip might have issues

Best for : Storing smaller items


If you want an easy-to-carry pouch, smaller than the Prospector mentioned above, then this could be the right choice for you. Not just hunting, but you can carry this pack to other places as well.

It is the perfect size to carry all your stuff. Due to the lightweight of the pack, it can be carried easily. It has multiple pockets, including a bottle holder. However, that might be a bit smaller for large vessels.

Some features that you will find in the pack are:


  • Waterproof fabric
  • Durable construction
  • Padded back panel
  • Three camo patterns
  • Multiple pockets


Made of 100% polyester, it is one of the most durable packs you will use. The waterproof material ensures that all your stuff stays protected from water. Given the features of this pack, it makes an ideal choice for hunting, sports, walking, riding, hiking and other outdoor activities. The manufacturer promises a refund if you are not fully satisfied with the product.


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12. SHANGRI-LA Tactical Range Outdoor Fanny Waist Pack


SHANGRI-LA Tactical Range Bag Outdoor Sling Backpack Hiking Fanny Waist Pack

Weight : Not mentioned

Capacity : Not mentioned

Pros : Expandable, multiple pockets, MOLLE straps

Cons : Smaller size

Best for : Holding EDC items and other crucial stuff


This tactical lumbar pack is very popular among hunters as it allows them to carry all their essentials with ease. You can use it to save EDC items, including ammo, pistol, gloves etc.

It comes with a slew of pockets so you can pack everything you need for a good hunting session. It also has built-in MOLLE straps, allowing you to attach your gear quickly. The design of the pack is such that it feels comfortable to carry it around.

Some of the other features that you will find are :

  • High-density nylon construction
  • Expandable
  • One large compartment
  • Lots of small pockets


The good thing about this pack is that it can be carried in three ways – handle, shoulder, and waist. Since it is a perfect range bag, it can make a great addition to your hunting kit. The only problem is that it has no camo options. Also, the shoulder harness is a bit short. If you can adjust to these limitations, you can consider buying this pack for your next hunting trip.


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13. ArcEnCiel Tactical Fanny Pack 


ArcEnCiel Tactical Fanny Pack


Weight : 9 lbs

Capacity : Not mentioned

Pros : Customisable, looks good, affordable

Cons : Front pockets are too small

Best for : Short hunting trips


If you often go out on weekend hunting trips, this pack could be for you. It has a decent size and can accommodate just the right amount of things you need for a day. Unlike other packs, it is not meant to carry a lot of stuff.

This pack is ideal for an early-season turkey trip, fishing expedition or deer hunt. Plus, it allows you to customize the pack with Velcro patches. Compared to other packs, this one is slightly cheaper.


You will also find these features in this pack :

  • Hidden pocket at the back of the pack
  • One big compartment
  • Durable nylon construction
  • MOLLE external expansion


Made of high-density 1000 nylon, the pack is scratch and water-resistant. It prevents the water to penetrate inside the pack. The large compartment is big enough to fit an iPad mini, snacks, an umbrella, a cell phone, and other items. Besides hunting, you can use this pack for hiking, traveling, fishing, camping and other outdoor activities.


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Best Lumbar Packs That Convert to Day Packs


If you need more storage for your hunting gear and equipment, you should consider opting for a lumbar pack. 


These bags are expandable and therefore they can accommodate more items than you need. Having a lumbar pack means you can even your clothes in it. 


14. ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Pack


ALPS OutdoorZ Big Bear Hunting Pack

Weight : 3.1 lbs

Capacity : 2,700 cubic inches

Pros : Lightweight, comfortable, expandable

Cons : Not waterproof

Best for : Storing and carrying more hunting items


This is a huge lumbar pack with a 2700 cubic inches capacity. It is designed to extend into a daypack whenever you need to carry more items. This feature is useful for day hunters, hikers or anyone who wants to carry extra clothing and other stuff needed for 4-5 days.

Besides the expandability, the pack can attach a binocular. It also includes a called pocket that further enhances the versatility of the pack.


Some other features include :


  • Removable shoulder straps
  • Padded waist
  • Multiple camo patterns
  • 44-liter storage capacity
  • Lightweight


After discussing the features, we can say that it is perfect for turkey hunters. The durable build and expandability of the pack are what make it worth the price. It has one large compartment and multiple pockets to give you plenty of storage space. Additionally, it includes an adjustable strap, so you can fix the length as per your need.


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15. ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack


ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

Weight : 5 lb

Capacity : 2700 cubic inches

Pros : Heavy-duty, lots of storage, padded waist belt

Cons : Feels heavy

Best for : Pack replacement


Lastly, we have the ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder which is a heavy-duty fanny pack ideal for hunting trips and other outdoor activities.

This pack offers the benefit of two products in one. It is small enough to be used as a lumbar bag, but once the pack is extended, it turns into a daypack. This is a durable and sturdy pack that is perfect for hauling out meat.


Before you decide to purchase this pack, check out the additional features :

  • H20 port and pocket
  • Extension lashing straps
  • Can carry a bow, rifle and gun
  • Lots of storage
  • Padded waist belt


If you are in search of a heavy-duty hunting fanny pack, look no further because ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder is the best you can get. The design of the pack is such that it can easily carry heavy loads. To accommodate more items, all you have to do is expand the pack. 


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Factors To Consider When Buying A Hunting Fanny Pack

Choosing the right fanny pack for hunting comes down to a few important factors. These are the factors or things you need to consider when buying the best fanny packs for yourself. Since they vary significantly in terms of features, you will want to consider the following aspects when making the right choice.


First and foremost, you must consider the capacity of the fanny pack. Understand that fanny packs are not meant to carry a lot of items. It is mainly designed for keeping the most essential items that are needed during hunting. For example: hunting equipment and gear.

Hunting fanny packs are available in variable sizes. These packs typically range from a few liters to 44. Some packs are convertible and can be turned into a daypack. These types of packs are ideal for hunters who want to carry heavy haul and gear with them.

Choosing the right fanny capacity depends on the number of items you are planning to carry. Make a list of those things and look for a pack that will accommodate it all. This is the best way to determine what capacity of fanny pack you need.


The next important concern is weight. As a hunter, you need to decide what you want to carry on your hunting trip. Based on that you can choose a pack that you feel is comfortable to load and carry.

If you are a mobile hunter, you will want to keep your pack light, so it’s easier for you to move around. Many hunters choose lumber packs as it allows them to pack just the right amount of items they need and nothing more.

Remember that you will have to carry the pack throughout your hunt, which is why you should choose a lighter option. What we mean is that the pack shouldn’t add too much to the overall weight that is to be carried by you.


The fanny pack you will buy should comfortably fit around your waist. The majority of brands provide a waist strap length chart with their product. This will help you to decide if the pack will fit you or not.

Some fanny packs also have shoulder straps for extra support and comfort. If you are going to purchase one of those packs, make sure to check the length of the shoulder trap as well. This is because some shoulder straps are shorter than others.


Fanny packs are much lighter than full-size hunting backpacks. They use expandable attachments and pockets to store all your essential hunting items, making them quickly accessible to you.

If you want an ultimate expandable pack, you should buy a lumbar pack that can be converted into full daypacks. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from.


When choosing the best fanny pack, you must also consider the material it is made of. A quality fanny pack will be made of a material that is both durable and lightweight.

Fanny packs are made of various materials, but the best two options are nylon and canvas. Both materials are lightweight and easy to carry around. Instead of choosing any other material, you should either get a nylon pack or a canvas one.


The purpose of a fanny pack is to accommodate all your hunting gear and equipment. When buying a new pack, check the amount of space it has. It should have enough storage for all your stuff.

Those planning for extensive hunting sessions will need a lot of storage. But if you are going for a weekend hunting trip, then a small pack will be fine. In short, you should buy a pack based on your requirement.


You never know what will be the weather like when you go out hunting. You wouldn’t want your hunting items to get wet in the rain or near water. This is why it is crucial to get a waterproof fanny pack.

Fanny packs are either waterproof or water-resistant. The latter will protect your items from light rain and spills, but no more than that. If you want complete protection against water or heavy, you should get a waterproof bag.


A quality fanny pack should be sturdy and durable. It should be strong enough to withstand rough use during your hunting trips.

The level of sturdiness depends largely on the material and design of the pack. For instance, lightweight plastic is not sturdier than canvas.


You should choose a fanny pack that is comfortable to carry and use. Whether a pack is comfortable or not depends on the user. For example, some people prefer fanny packs with shoulder straps, and others like them without the straps.

A comfortable fanny pack is easy to use. You should be able to load and carry it with ease. Make sure to check these things before getting the pack home. Buying the wrong pack can spoil your entire hunting experience.


Lastly, you must also consider the usefulness of the pack. No matter, what pack you purchase, it should be easy to open and close. Furthermore, it should be lightweight and easy to carry.

Look for a pack that is made of durable material and has enough space to fit in all your hunting stuff. For the best experience, get a waterproof pack.

Final Thoughts

Transitioning from a traditional backpack to a fanny pack can make a big difference. These packs are lightweight and allow you to save the things that you need. Since these packs are specially designed for hunting purposes, they come with all sorts of add-ons that you might need. Whether you are hunting with a rifle or bow, you can make your next trip comfortable by choosing the right fanny pack.

Sitka and ALPS OutdoorZ are two of the top market leaders. To get quality fanny packs, you should consider buying them from these brands.



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