8 Best Spotting Scope Under $200

Are you looking for a good quality low end spotter? Well, you can find the 8 best spotting scope under $200 dollars right here. Whilst it is impressively affordable, you don’t have to worry about issues of quality with the 8 best spotting scopes under $200. These optics don’t just offer a generous magnification range; but their lens design allows for a superior image quality and clarity.

A good quality spotting scope allows you to save even more on your budget than you think; as it can be used for both short and long range applications – eliminating the need to invest in multiple scopes. So below, we’ve outlined the top rated models for the best spotting scope under 200 for this year. The field is yours to pick the right target !

1. Emarth 20-60X60 AE Angled Spotting Scope

The Emarth spotting scope features a wide magnification range of 20X-60X; making it ideal for a wide range of viewing applications. Its 45 degrees angled eyepiece on the other end offers practical and comfortable viewing. Furthermore, this angled spotting scope is designed with a 39-19m/1000m field of view; which allows you to view your target mark with higher precision and more detail.

Integrating fully multi-coated lenses with BAK4 roof prism, the lenses facilitate better light transmission, even in low light conditions. This in turn allows for brighter, clearer, and sharper image viewing. A dual focus wheel system allows for fast and fine-tuning focus adjustment, so you can easily lock into your target.


  • Rubber exterior armor offers non-slip grip and shockproof performance
  • Built-in retractable sunshade eliminates glare
  • Comes with a tripod for easy eyepiece positioning in a sideways position and viewing angle adjustment
  • The tube is filled with nitrogen and sealed with O-rings to prevent internal fogging
  • Delivers a viewing range of between 50 and 300 yards


  • Very short room between your eye and scope due to the ill designed eyepiece

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2. Gosky 20-60×60 HD Spotting Scope

Whether you simply want to record your shooting, or make a small fun wildlife documentary – the Gosky spotting scope allows you to do so. The spotter features a smartphone digiscoping adapter that allows you take photos and videos of what you are viewing. A tripod stand is also included to give you a stable platform to hold the spotter.

To allow the scope to thrive in any conditions, its tube features a waterproof, fogproof and shockproof finish. A retractable sun shade and inside threads help reduce glare. Furthermore, the scope’s own eyepiece can be rotated to the side without moving the entire scope; allowing you to easily lock onto your target.


  • The scope is compatible with all standard tripods and accessories with threading between 0.5 to 2 inches
  • Built with advanced fully multi-coated glass lenses with green film for better clarity and brightness/li>
  • 60mm large objective lenses for increased lighting power and larger field of view range
  • Comes with digiscoping smartphone adapter so you can take photos and videos of your target
  • A tripod stand is included to securely hold the scope during viewing


  • The digiscoping attachment is not well designed – you will struggle attaching your phone

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3. SVBONY SV28 Spotting Scope

A wide magnification range of the SVBONY SV28 spotting scope allows you to use it for short and long range applications. You can use the lower 24X range for point blank applications and the 75X range for distant applications. The spotter’s 70mm glass lens improves its functionality by increasing light transmission to deliver clear and high contrast images, even in low light conditions.

Yet, this is not the only spotter’s feature to enhance its functionality; thanks to its equally sized 70mm tube, you will enjoy even better lighting power to easily spot and view your target. An extendable sunshade is also integrated into the spotter’s design to reduce glare when viewing in sunny days.


  • IP65 waterproof rating allows the spotter to be submerged in water without the water penetrating the interior
  • The seamless exterior surface offers a slip resistant and shockproof performance
  • The spotter’s lightweight and portable build makes it ideal for people who will be trekking or hiking to get to their target
  • Comes with a phone adapter and portable desktop tripod
  • Fitted in a nylon mirror carry bag with partitions to securely pack your accessories


  • The phone mount and tripod are feathery light

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4. Creative XP Spotting Scope

What makes the Creative XP spotting scope special is its field of view. The spotter features long 114-60 feet per 1000 yards field of view, which allows you to enjoy every detail of your target. An adjustable eye relief of 17- 12mm offers comfortable viewing, whilst its 2 fine focus knobs allow for accurate focusing for detailed images.

An 80mm fully multi-coated lens is a large enough to allow for optimal light transmission for brighter and clearer images. To complement the lens’ functionality, the spotter is fitted with Porro and BAK4 prism. Furthermore, the spotter comes with a tripod, cellphone adapter, and photo clicker so you can document your viewing.


  • Long viewing range of up to 800 yards
  • Includes a special phone adapter and Bluetooth photo clicker to capture your target videos and images
  • Designed with a long field of view to clearly see details of the target image
  • Built-in sunshade to prevent glares
  • Nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed for waterproof and fogproof finish


  • The tripod is not the best quality as it easily wobbles with a heavy scope

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5. Athlon Optics Talos Spotting Scope

K9 glass prisms with a silver lens coating help to improve the lighting power of the Athlon Optics Talos spotting scope. This allows you to enjoy bright and high contrast pictures without straining your eyes, even in low light conditions. The spotters wide viewing magnification of 20X to 60X allows you to view your images at both a short and long distance.

The large 80mm lenses improve image resolution and quality – allowing you to spot all the important details. Whether you are busy surveilling wildlife or targeting a deer; the spotter’s rotating ring design makes the process a breeze. The rotating ring design is easy to finger adjust without using too much strain.


  • Rotating tripod mounting ring allows the user to rotate the scope to any angle with ease
  • 45 degrees angle design for easy and comfortable viewing
  • Built-in extendable sunshade minimizes unwanted flare and reflection
  • Compatible with any regular camera tripod for easy long range observation
  • Waterproof finish survives submersion under water


  • The eye relief is very short thus, the scope is only ideal for light to mild use

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6. Roxant Authentic Blackbird Spotting Scope

Featuring an extendable eyepiece, the Roxant Authentic Blackbird spotting scope can be used with or without eyeglasses. Additionally, to reduce strain on your eyes, the spotter features an extendable sunshade that is built onto its barrel to eliminate glare. The spotter’s 50mm objective lens promotes increased light transmission for a superior image quality, brightness, and a wide view.

In fact, the lenses feature a superior BAK4 glass prism with exceptional clarity that the lenses are even used by law enforcement. At the exterior, the spotting scope features a rugged non-slip surface with a large smooth glide texture focus ring, so you can easily adjust your focus without losing your attention on the target.


  • Extendable and retractable eye cup allows you to gauge your level of viewing comfort
  • Ocular and object lens caps included to protect the spotter when not in use
  • Foldable tripod included for easy storage and transportation
  • Axis rotation level on the tripod to secure and stabilize the spotter
  • Smooth glide focus ring for effortless adjustments


  • The tripod can cause some horizontal or vertical flex during focus adjustment

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7. BARSKA Benchmark Spotting Scope

The straight angle style of The BARSKA Benchmark spotting scope allows you to acquire your target faster. Furthermore, using this straight spotter allows for intuitive target spotting at a long distance. The spotter is built with a superior magnification range of 25X to 125X; which allows you to enjoy target viewing with the utmost detail. Large 88mm objective lenses on the other end improve light transmission for clearer and brighter pictures.

To allow you to use the spotter, even in low light conditions, the lenses are multicoated. Furthermore, the lenses can be easily adjusted for easier fine tune adjustments of frontal focus setting without losing visual target. The rugged exterior rubber armor on the other end provides the spotting scope with a waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof profile.


  • Wide magnification range of between 25X and 125X for easy short and long range applications
  • Large 88mm objective lenses for brighter and crystal clear images
  • Exterior rubber armor for increased durability and protection
  • Tabletop tripod with ACCU grip handle for secure and stable mounting
  • Easy focus adjustment without losing target image


  • The images are not as clear at high magnificationst

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What Is the Best Spotting Scope under $200?

Our favorite pick for the best spotting scope under 200 is the Emarth 20-60X60 AE Angled Spotting Scope. The scope offers a generously sized lens and magnification range for reasonable short and long range applications. Plus, it’s available at an affordable price.

What Is the Best Spotting Scope under 200 for 1000 Yards?

The Roxant Authentic Blackbird takes the lead as our top pick for the best spotting scope under 200 for 100 yards. The spotter delivers impressive HD quality images at both short and long range viewing.

Will a 30mm Scope Tube Offer More Light Power?

Yes, compared to other tube sizes such as the 1-inch one, a 30mm tube delivers brighter and sharper images. However, to enhance image brightness, you also want the scope’s exit pupil to be large enough.

What Does 1X Magnification Look Like?

A 1X magnification power offers a 100% increase in the size of image you are viewing. For example, if the image you are viewing is sized at 1 inch, magnifying it at a 1X power increases the size to 2 inches. A 3X power increases the size to 4 inches.

Why Is It Important to Know the Objective Lens Size?

Measured in millimeters (mm), the size of the objective lens doesn’t only give you its diameter. The size of the objective lens allows you to gauge how much light can enter your spotting scope. For example, an 80mm objective lens allows more light to pass into a scope than a 50mm one.

Why Is a Larger Objective Lens Diameter Better?

A large objective lens diameter allows more light to pass into the spotting scope. This, in turn, allows for better image clarity, brightness, and contrast.

Moreover, if you’re looking to work on a smaller budget, we have another guide on our website that talks about the best spotting scopes under a 100.

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