9 Best Saddle Hunting Packs in 2023

A perfect bow, gun and boots are the ideal hunting backpack and vital gear for hunting. And that is where you will need to grab the best backpack for saddle hunting available online which will help you to carry more than a hunting bag. It is a piece of specialized machinery made to endure the weight of its load and fit your products without taking up extra room. It can also be regarded as a piece of hunting clothing because it needs to be customized for the individual who will wear it. If a pack doesn’t fit right, it is like having shoes that do not fit right. It has the potential to spoil a trip.

Hunting packs are different from hiking packs in design because hunters have unique needs. These specifications include using materials quietness, changing from a backpack to a meat transporter and having the capacity to carry and easily access particular sorts of equipment like a bow, crossbow or long rifle. The good news is that there are many packs that can be customized to fit every hunter’s preferences and hunting conditions. This article will help you find the best hunting pack for your requirements.

What can define a quality saddle hunting pack ?

These are the qualities that every good hunting pack needs to have, though the one that is perfect for you will greatly depend on your hunting type.

1. Storage

Even though having much overall capacity is crucial, a smart storage solution entails more than just counting cubic inches. For optics, mobiles and other hunting gear, a high-quality backpack will also have a lot of pockets and compartments. Including these pockets and compartments will guarantee that the essentials are always accessible. On the other hand, it will have few pockets and compartments, making it harder to find the items you need. It will be able to blend simplicity and its practical abilities successfully.

2. Durability

It would help if you searched for a hunting pack made with strong, high-quality materials and hardware that can endure the effects of the elements and the rigors of the hunting environment because it will be put through much damage. It is imperative to have a weatherproof structure, excellent craftsmanship and a strong warranty.

3. Comfort

A well-built backpack is the next most important item in your kit to keep you comfortable while you are out in the woods after selecting a pair of boots that fit you like a glove. The optimal hunting pack should have a micro-adjustment system that can create a tailored fit and come in various sizes. It will not make you feel heavy, allow your body to breathe and ease the tension in your body.

4. Possibility of hauling loads

Whether you want to carry an elk out of the woods or store the essentials for your treestand, your backpack should be able to handle whatever you throw at it. A good hunting pack should contain the straps, shelves or attachments needed for the job and a proper load rating supported by extensive testing.

Factors to take into account while buying saddle hunting packs :

One of the first things you should consider while looking for the best saddle-hunting pack is the pack’s overall capacity. The total number of days you expect to spend hunting at once and the amount of gear you intend to carry with you should be considered. The majority of people are likely whitetail hunters who will only go out hunting sometimes for a full day. If this is the case, and assuming that you will not be taking a lot of extra layers of clothing or camera gear, one of the best saddle hunting backpacks on this list should be best for your needs.

Purchasing one of the larger packs on our list may be optional for those who mostly hunt for a half-day in weather that does not require many additional layers of clothing.

Frame Pack

One of the top choices for a saddle hunting pack has no frame, another has an internal frame, and a third has an external frame (the Mystery Ranch Pop Up 28). The main factor determining whether or not you need a frame pack is the load you expect to carry with the pack. Deer hunters primarily loading up their saddle hunting gear may occasionally get away without utilizing a frame. On the other side, a frame can add a layer of comfort and support.

You will unquestionably need a pack with a frame if you want to tow your kill rather than pull it out to help handle the additional weight you will be hauling.


Overall, weight is not too much of an issue because all of the packs on my list weigh between 2.5 and 5.0 pounds; nonetheless, many saddle hunters place a high value on reducing their load as much as possible. For some people, considering a pack’s weight is essential to their setup. Even though the 2.5-pound difference between my lightest and heaviest options might not seem like much at first, it can add up to a lot very soon. Those 2.5 pounds will become more apparent as you walk longer while toting that pack on your back.

Molle webbing and compression straps available :

What sets out a great saddle hunting pack from other types of hunting packs is the availability of Molle webbing and compression straps to keep your gear secured down and in place. Hunting with a saddle necessitates specialist equipment and to carry it all comfortably and conveniently, you need a backpack with certain features. Compression straps and Molle webbing come in very handy in circumstances like this.

Qualities that a hiker require in his saddle hunting pack :

To begin with, make sure your bag has adequate room for all of the required gear. 1800 to 2000 cubic inches is enough for a daypack, 3000-5000 for a weekend or three-day hunt, and up to 7500 for a longer outing. Verify that the pocket arrangement works with how you intend to utilize the pack. Serious backcountry hunters are concerned about every extra ounce of weight in their gear, therefore comparing the weights of various things. Also, check the available materials. Although external frame packs are more practical for packing meat, internal frame packs are less prone to tangling in plants. Not least of all, a pack must be wearable. You should measure your torso and make sure the pack can be modified or available in the right size if you do not want to be miserable while carrying any burden.

What type of saddle hunting packs do you think works best for elk hunting ?

No matter where you go or how you approach it, elk hunting always has one thing in common: the chance to bring 300 pounds of bone-in meat home. Whatever approach you use, this is true. Meat can be transported in the space between the pack and the frame thanks to the extension straps found on many saddle hunting backpacks. The pack must fit you properly because you will be packing up the bag with up to 100 pounds at a time.

Don’t let a pack’s appearance influence your choice. If the bag you’re using doesn’t fit you properly or is either too little or too large, your quest could be wrecked. A pack is also a type of tool. You should pack your hunting gear in it in a way that allows you to quickly access it when needed while still keeping it tidy. The size of the object is the next main consideration. Invest in a bag that has enough room for all of your gear. Weight is an important factor to take into account when traveling a long distance with your possessions and choosing functional items like holders for your pistol or bow. Because of this, whichever bag you choose will serve as your perfect hunting pack.

Here are the 9 Best Saddle Hunting Packs you require in 2023


1. Eberlestock X2 Pack


Eberlestock X2 Pack


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The Eberlestock X2 package can be worth it. If you have a big budget, you are seeking the best.

The Eberlestock is mentioned as frequently as, if not more frequently than, any other pack if you search for “saddle hunting packs” on various saddle hunting-related online forums and Facebook groups.

It has a sizable capacity of 1,800 cubic inches and is furnished with numerous compartments, straps, and Molle webbing to organize your saddle-hunting equipment.

One feature that sets the Eberlestock apart from the less-priced TideWe is its integrated Intex II aluminum frame, which makes it simple to haul away large quantities when necessary. The large compression straps are great for holding down your platform or climbing sticks.

2. KUIU Venture 1800


KUIU Venture 1800


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The Venture is no exception to the KUIU brand’s reputation for producing high-quality goods. The first standalone day packs from KUIU are Venture 1800 and Venture 2300. Compared to Venture 2300, Venture 1800 is slightly smaller. They contain a sturdy internal structure composed of aluminum and polycarbonate that can support heavy weights, a 330D Cordura ripstop fabric exterior and two detachable compression straps to hold your platform or sticks in place. The Venture has various pocket options to help you keep your hunting equipment organized and handy, much like the other packs that have been discussed.

According to the wearer’s height and waist circumference, the Venture 1800 is the first pack on the list that may be purchased in medium or large sizes. The KUIU pack includes a waist belt that may be taken off if you only need to use the shoulder straps.

3. Trophyline CAYS 2.0 Pack


Trophyline Pack

Surprisingly, the Trophyline CAYS 2.0 is the only pack on our list that was created specifically with saddle hunters in mind and its organizational structure makes this fact quite clear.

The Trophyline features compression straps on both sides of the pack to hold your climbing sticks in place and a front kangaroo pocket made specifically to hold your saddle-hunting platform. It is advantageous that you can reach your gear even with your platform and stick securely fastened because the pack’s main compartment can be accessed from the top.

The backpack contains twenty fleece-lined, usable pockets that are perfect for organizing your things and letting you access them as discreetly as possible. Two of these pockets are the long, narrow side pockets, which are great for keeping a camera arm or a spotting scope in case you decide to document your hunts.

4. Tenzing Hangtime Pack


Tenzing Hangtime Pack


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While a backpack is useful for carrying items, it is less practical for getting to those objects. You only need to stop, take off your pack and start going through the main compartment or the side compartments of your backpack when searching for something while taking a break from walking or trekking. When you are in a treestand, where there is not much room to keep your pack, digging about creates movement and noise, neither of which are conducive to successful hunting. You will discover that having a pack that offers multiple entry points to your stuff is very practical when you are in a treestand.

All your gear can fit in the 1600 cubic inches of storage space the Hangtime Pack provides. The main compartment can be accessed from the top or the back, and the back pocket can be folded down to keep calls and rattle-bags close at hand. It also features loops so that you may carry a bow on one side and a rifle, crossbow, or bow on the other.

5. XOP Stiker Evolution Pack


XOP Stiker Evolution Pack


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A compact, lightweight saddle hunting pack that costs under $100 is the XOP Striker Evolution pack. It might be the best option for you if you are looking for anything similar.

XOP is well known for its fairly priced tree stands, climbing sticks and even a saddle hunting system, but they also provide a great hunting pack that is made for hunters who travel around a lot. Despite being a fairly straightforward pack, the Striker Evolution has features that make loading all your saddle-hunting equipment easy. It is a great option for saddle hunters who want to carry the least amount of gear and keep the overall weight as low as possible due to its tiny size. It is the lightest pack on my list, weighing just 2.5 pounds.

Due to XOP’s awareness of the needs of the nomadic hunter, it has generously included Molle webbing and four compression straps, enabling you to transfer your saddle hunting platform and climbing sticks easily. All your hunting gear can be stored in the front pocket, one of the two side pockets or one of the internal mesh compartments that come with this pack by default. The pack contains a main compartment where bulky goods like extra layers of clothing can be kept.

6. TideWe Hunting Pack


TideWe Hunting Pack


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He is the tide. Our pack’s 2,200 cubic inch volume for half-day deer hunts is obviously too large, Thanks to the roomy storage area’s division into several compartments, you can keep your possessions tidy and close at hand.

The internal, side and belt pockets are perfect for holding smaller items like your wallet and keys, bow release, thermacell, grunt call, beverage and snacks. The two main compartments will hold all your larger items such as additional clothing, saddle ropes and other items.

While not too big to be used as a daypack, a pack with a volume of between 3000 and 3500 cubic inches is appropriate for carrying adequate supplies for a long weekend hunt.

7. Mystery Ranch Pop-Up 28 Hunting Pack


Mystery Ranch Pop-Up 28 Hunting Pack


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The Mystery Ranch Pop-Up 28 might be the ideal option if you have a little extra cash to invest and require a high-quality pack with a pop-up frame that can carry loads up to 80 pounds.

The Pop Up 28’s unique pop-up frame, which converts the daypack into a load-hauling system capable of supporting up to 80 pounds of weight, is its most prominent feature. This is the perfect answer for saddle hunters who venture off the beaten path in pursuit of deer and need to quarter and pack up their game.

You can put your platform in the space between the frame and the pack when you are not transporting meat. The compression straps that run down each side will keep your climbing sticks firmly in place.

The top of the main storage compartment zips up to quickly and easily reach the pack’s contents. The pack also has a variety of pockets to keep your items organized and out of the way. Similar to the KUIU pack, the Mystery Ranch pack is available in a range of sizes, from small to extra large, and each of them may be customized to the wearer’s waist and height to ensure a perfect fit that will keep them comfortable throughout even the most difficult of travels.

With this pack’s several compartments, including two padded straps for carrying smaller items, you can carry much gear and quickly reach it. It is a soft material and includes a weatherproof pullover rain cover in case you get caught in the rain. It also contains a water bottle holder and a flap that can attach a bladder tube.

8. Sitka Men’s Apex Pack


Sitka Men’s Apex Pack


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Exclusively designed for bowhunters, the 1800 cubic inch Apex bow hunting backpack is shaped to fit closely against the user’s body. The pockets feature dividers to keep the items inside the waist pockets from rattling around. It includes a one-of-a-kind pull-out cam loop and an outside compartment made to fit an elk bugle. This gives you a chance to rest your bow while you wait for a bull to approach.

9. Horn Hunter G3 Pack


Horn Hunter G3 Pack


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The Horn Hunter G3 pack might be what you are looking for if you want a pack that is roomy, affordable, has a unique design and allows for easy access even while it is hanging in a tree.

Any other pack on the list is expected to be completely different from the Horn Hunter G3. Even when the pack is hung from a tree, access is made simple thanks to a distinctive flip-top opening. Deer hunters who use saddles or treestands for their hunts will appreciate the G3’s numerous cutting-edge features. Some features include a pull-out rifle/bow pouch, gear grippers with an elastic cord and bottom straps for extra clothes, straps for rattling antlers and an incorporated 25-foot draw rope.

Unlike some of the other packs, the G3 does not come with Molle webbing or a separate platform pocket, but it does have enough straps to make it simple to fasten your platform and sticks.

If an elk is the target animal, mountain hunts can last all day and start at first light. You might combine stalking, sitting and glassing and silently waiting for a bull to come within range during a hunt. In order to carry everything you need for a day of hunting, including a first aid kit and other supplies in case you have to spend the night on the mountain, you need a bowhunting pack with a volume of between 1,500 and 2,000 cubic inches as you will be carrying the pack. In contrast, hunting must be as light, silent and sleek as possible to prevent being trapped in the undergrowth.

If you want to spend many days outside of populated regions, you will need a big pack to hold all of your food and supplies for the trip. A basic guideline would be to plan on having about 1000 cubic inches of capacity every day of travel. This suggests that a pack capacity of 3,000 and 5,000 cubic inches would be excellent for an extended weekend hunt. If you are new to backpack hunting, go with a bigger pack than you think you will need because it can take you a few expeditions to determine what you need and what you can do without. A larger pack with a capacity of between 6,000 and 8,000 cubic inches is required for longer hunts.

Summary :

It is just a matter of time until more packs made expressly for saddle hunting enter the market as that type of hunting continues to grow in favor. To make the most of the resources we have right now, though, until that time comes. The good news is that several excellent options come in a range of price ranges, each of which makes it simple to keep your saddle hunting equipment secure and well-organized.

By the time you have finished reading this article, we hope you will know more about which saddle hunting pack will work best for you.

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