Best 300 Blackout Scope

US designed the 300 AAC Blackout round for use in its M4 Carbine. The M4 Carbine is replacing the M16 throughout the military branches and becoming the standard firearm. Its versatility and lightweight compared to the M16 are appealing for soldiers in the field. And thus, the demand for the 300 Blackout scopes has increased in recent years. We went ahead and compiled the list of the best 300 Blackout scopes that brands have to offer.

There were already plenty of rounds in the market that catered to AR firearms. The market is saturated with plenty of rounds that you can shoot through an AR. But then why was there a need for a cartridge such as the 300 BLK? There is lesser gunpowder in the case, the bullet is bigger. What is the purpose of this cartridge at all? The answer lies in the capabilities of this bullet.

The US military commissioned the bullet’s manufacture. This is because they required more powerful rounds than the 9mm and quieter than the normal AR munition. The Advanced Armament Corporation created the 300 Blackout. It has the capability of being subsonic and supersonic at the same time. This means that some rounds of the 300 Blackout can be supersonic and some subsonic, depending on the bullet’s grain.

Why Buy a 300 Blackout Scope at All?

The M4 Carbine can tackle both long-distance and close-range applications. Because of this, it has become the standard and replacing the M16 throughout the military branches. But in close-range combat, the M4 was still loud because of the rounds it was shooting. The 300 Blackout, which has less gunpowder than other AR rounds, was the solution. It became pretty popular as you could use it in most modern ARs without too much modification.

Now long-distance shooting is incomplete without the addition of a scope. The scope will not only give you a magnification advantage but also provide you with accuracy. Usually, a bullet hits where the center of the reticle of optic points at. Of course, you will have to zero your scope first to match your firearm and cartridge. After which, your shots will be accurate. And having a scope fitted on your AR can make all the difference.

But a normal scope won’t do because we are talking about the close-quarter and long-distance shooting. You need the finest that can take the continuous beating of an assault rifle’s shots. The bottom line is that you will do much better with the scope for hunting and target practice in ranges.

What to Keep an Eye Out for When Purchasing a 300 Blackout Scope

An assault rifle can either shoot a bullet at a time or a lot of rounds in one trigger pull. So you can imagine the strain it would cause on a scope mounted on one. Not to mention the 300 Blackout packs quite a punch. Then imagine that punch multiple times in a minute without a break. You do not want to be that scope, but luckily the scope is usually constructed well. So it can bear the continuous recoil without losing its zero.

There are more things than durability to look out for in scope too, here are all of the things you should keep an eye out for.

1. Magnification

When we are saying long-distance shooting, we mean something like 300-yards at most. Anything further than that is not in the effective range of the 300 Blackout. But 300 yards is pretty far away. You would not call it close either, so let us just call it midrange here. Having a scope with variable zoom that helps you spot targets from 20 to 300 yards is preferable. Having anything further than that would be useless and a waste of money.

Not only that, but your scope should be evident throughout the magnification range. So for that, the lens quality should be top-notch. You would not want a scope that is blurry at the midrange distance of 250-300 yards. 

2. Lens

Speaking of lens quality, the lens should be clear, and the image it shows needs to be crisp and sharp. It also needs to be multicoated to prevent light reflection and glaring. Otherwise, you would give your position away to your target while hunting. Another thing to keep an eye out for in the lens is if it has any coating that prevents dust and stains. This coating helps prolong the life of scope as dust and stains would cause scratches later on while cleaning.

3. Durability

When we said above that you do not want to be the scope, we meant it. Because when you shoot a ton of rounds from your AR with the scope mounted, it means you are getting continuous recoil and kick from the gun. So the scope has to be constructed with durable metal. In this case, it is mostly aluminum because aluminum is solid, reliable, and very light.

The lightness of the aluminum helps reduce the overall weight of the scope, which makes carrying the AR around a bit easier. Also, being rustproof, aluminum increases the longevity of your scope. Being O sealed and nitrogen purged, the scope lens does not fog up and is waterproof. So that also adds up to the durability of the scope.

4. Budget

Now the budget is an important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a scope. If you have money to splurge, go away, spend the money on the most premium scope possible. But if you want something that gives you value for money, then choose wisely. The Trijicon is pretty expensive, and we would like to think it’s one of the most expensive brands in the market. But it is also the preferred brand of the military and special forces for their 300 Blackout guns. 

But you do not need to go that high, the Primary Arms scope is also pretty decent, and you will have no trouble firing through it. It is good value for money, and you save up a lot of it by not spending on the Trijicon. But the Trijicon is worth its money because of all its features. So the budget will depend on how much you are willing to spend on features and what you get in return.

5. Reticle

The reticle is going to make a lot of difference when you choose a scope. It is what will help you aim accurately at different distances. There are a lot of reticles out there. We have the crosshair, a plain red dot, BDC, bullet drop compensation, Duplex, ACSS, MIL-dot, and MOAR. The BDC is excellent for when you have to shoot at distances. Most reticles are a unique combination of a BDC reticle with another one.

If you do not like your scope to be cluttered due to the reticle design, a simple one will serve you better. But if you are a sharpshooter and utilize these special reticles, then that is what you would want.

6. Special Features

Some scopes have special features, like illuminated reticles, special coatings, different color reticles, and more. Having these unique features is just going to increase the price of a scope. If you can live without some, it will save you money. But if you want some features, then you would need to pay up for them.

7. Windage and Elevation

Adjustability is another important aspect of a scope. Having adjustable windage and elevation helps you zero in your scope with your gun. This increases the accuracy and improves the precision of your scope’s reticle. A tool-free adjusting system is much more appreciated compared to one that requires a tool to adjust both.

The Best 300 Blackout Scopes Reviewed

1. Primary Arms SLX 1-6×24 SFP Rifle Scope Gen III

If you know how to use an ACSS reticle properly, you would only want to use it. It is incredibly detailed and gives you a great idea of where you are aiming at. The Primary Arms SLX 1-6X24 SFP Rifle Scope Gen II comes equipped with the ACSS reticle.

The 1-6X magnification is perfect for close to mid-range shooting purposes. From the closest of magnification with the 1X to 6X that will help you shoot as far as 200 yards without trouble, the scope caters to all. Also, the capped windage and elevation turrets prevent accidental adjustments. So once you zero in, you do not end up changing the settings even a bit while shooting.

The scope is a bit bulky, but that is due to its solid, rugged construction. The housing is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The 6603 aluminum is industry standard and often used where you have to ensure durability. This is a pretty solid scope, we’ll give it that.

The reticle is partially illuminated. It comes with 11 brightness settings. Users do not recommend the highest settings due to some lighting issues. But even then, it is a pretty solid scope. The lens is also clear, and it is multicoated for optimal light transmission.
The price is also reasonable, it is not expensive, but it does not come cheap either—a highly recommended product by Primary Arms.


  • Durable Solid Construction
  • Illuminated Reticle
  • ACSS Reticle Provides Accurate Shooting at Close and Midrange
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Clear View Throughout Magnification Ranges


  • A Bit Bulky

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If money is not an object, this is the best scope in the market. The TRIJICON VCOG scope passes all the military’s most rigid standards. So when it comes to durability, nothing beats these optics. The only issue is, it is priced very high. But this is what the military personnel use with their assault rifles. The high price you pay is for the quality, and it is worth the money.

First of all, we need to address how clear the lens is. Regardless of what magnification setting you are at, you only see clarity. It is super clear, HD clear. This alone wins a considerable number of points in our books. We are yet to see this much clarity in any other scopes we have reviewed for the 300 Blackout.

Also, the reticle is immensely crisp, and we love the VCOG BDC reticle in this scope. It is accurate, and people swear by it. It has vast eye relief, which makes using this scope incredibly easy. The green color of it stands out, and with six brightness settings you can choose from, it means you see the reticle no matter the lighting.

If there is anything we would like different about this would be the reticle color and the price. Other than that, it’s hard to find quality like this in any scope.


  • Most Clear Glass in Scopes
  • VCOG BDC Reticle Is Incredibly Accurate
  • Sturdy Enough to Pass Military Tests
  • Clear Throughout Magnification Ranges


  • Expensive

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3. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle Second Focal Plane Riflescope

The Vortex Optics Strike Eagle is one of our favorite scopes for the 300 Blackout. It is compact and doesn’t weigh much. For its size, it is incredibly sturdy and easy to use. The glass is fully multicoated, so you get maximum light transmission. This scope is meant for hunting at close and mid-range distances.

The design has been updated by Vortex to include a thread-in throw lever. So if you need to zoom in on your target in a hurry, this comes in handy. It makes you wonder how minor improvements can be a huge help. The reticle is a BDC3, a modified bullet drop compensator reticle that helps you target various distances accurately.

The windage and elevation turrets are capped, and there are 11 levels of brightness for the illuminated reticle. The whole thing is constructed out of a single aluminum tube, making this very resilient to shocks. The O seal and nitrogen purged housing ensure fog-proofing and waterproofing.

The only problem with this scope is the tight eye-box. It is pretty tiny, and when magnifying, it only makes it worse. The relief is pretty decent but not as much as we would’ve wanted to have.


  • Thread-in Throw Lever for Easy Magnification Setting
  • Sturdy Aluminum Construction
  • BDC3 Reticle
  • Clear Multicoated Lens
  • Compact and Light


  • Tight Eyebox

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4. UTG 3-12X44 Compact Scope

Now something more budget-friendly, the UTG 3-12X44 Compact Scope is light on the gun and the pocket. The scope is super budget-friendly, but that does not mean it is not a quality product. It is fully multicoated for maximum light transmission, giving you incredible shooting prowess in dark light setups.

The highlight of this scope has to be its 36-color illuminated reticle. Yes, you heard that right, 36 different colors to choose from. The logic behind this is that it will allow color blind people to find a color they can identify without trouble. Also, the overall construction of this scope is pretty tight, and we like the locked resettable turrets for windage and elevation.

It is shockproof, waterproof, O-sealed and nitrogen purged. The reticle is a MIL-dot which is pretty efficient for shooting at distant targets. The 3-12x magnification is decent. At higher magnifications, though, the quality of the lens does drop a bit.


  • 36-Color Illuminated Reticle
  • Solid Construction for Guaranteed Durability
  • Waterproof and Fog-Proof
  • Multicoated Lens for Maximum Light Transmission
  • Side Turret for Adjusting Parallax From 10 Yards to Infinity


  • Glass Quality Gets Low at High Magnification

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5. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective

Another scope by Vortex, the Crossfire II with Adjustable Objective, is pleasing on the eye, better on the gun. It is designed for long-range target acquisition since the starting magnification is 4x and the highest is 16x. You can find a few dusky edges at higher magnifications, which are not great to look at.

But the scope is superb in terms of lens quality, and you get a clear and crisp image throughout. The AO is adjustable, which is also a plus point, beneficial at long ranges. And the eyebox is ultra forgiving, compared to that of the Strike Eagle, which has a very tight eyebox.

The scope is constructed from a single piece of aluminum, as expected from Vortex Optics. All of their scopes are built solid, and this one is no exception. The weight of this particular model is a bit hefty, but that is a given as it has a 50mm objective lens.

Lastly, the reticle is a dead-hold BDC, perfect for different distances. It is also pretty reasonably priced. The lens is multicoated, gives you optimal light transmission, and it is fog-proof since the housing is nitrogen-purged.


  • Adjustable Objective
  • Ultra Forgiving Eyebox
  • Solid Durable Aluminum Construction
  • Clear Multicoated Lens for Crisp Image


  • Heavy

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The 300 Blackout is an excellent round for hunting and target practice. Once you pair it with any of the scopes above, you will be pretty satisfied with the outcome and accuracy.  Many hunters prefer the scopes mentioned above and will swear by them. The quality and durability of these optics are unquestionably excellent. 

When paired with an AR, hunting becomes rather enjoyable. We feel that these scopes will serve your purpose as well. There are different price ranges and features, so you don’t have problems finding the scope you need.

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