Best 30mm Scope Mount

Even after buying a balanced, well-equipped rifle and loading it with good ammunition, you will require installing a scope with clear image quality and powerful magnification. Afterward, to join the gun and scope together such that the combination enables you to view large distances while holding zero is where you will require a scope mount.

The scope mounts have ring-like structures that secure telescopic tubes of varying diameters inside them. Whereas to mount robustly on the railing systems, their bases differ as well. Not only that but there are also different varieties of scope mounts available in the market. 

Finding the one suiting your weapon can render precision. Otherwise, even a quality mount can fail to serve the purpose. Hence, before buying mounting rings, one should be aware of the critical features describing their compatibility. Also, little knowledge of the driving factors indicating the quality is essential.

Thus, in this article, we will cover every nook and cranny of rifle scope mounts. So, if you are new to the field, read the buying guide before making a decision. For sharpshooters, we have sniffed out some quality mounts. Scroll down to have a look at them.       

Rifle Scope Mounts – Buying Guide  


Constructing material is the first thing to consider before deciding whether to buy a specific mounting ring or not. As your craze for hunting can take you to the roughest terrains and harshest weather conditions, the mounting scopes should consist of material capable of bearing the beatings. On the other hand, how much pressure the mount can take dictates its capability to accompany you while you enjoy field shooting or rapid fire. 

However, trusting whatever the manufacturer claims might not fetch you the desired results. To dig a bit deeper, check out the reputation of the manufacturing company. Although the U.S.A made products are mostly reliable, you can also come across some foreign manufacturers who offer better products at lower prices.  

Generally, you can find quality mounts constructed from steel or aluminum. 6061 aluminum is arguably the best material you can buy to get a lightweight yet sturdy product. Hard coats are also a plus point as they further boost the ruggedness by providing extra protection.

Types of Scope Mounts 

Scope mounts can differ in several ways. However, discussing all the variations will be overwhelming for you to grasp. For the sake of simplicity, we have given a brief description of these three major categories you should know before buying the mount:   

One-Piece Mount vs Scope Rings 

Lately, there has been an introduction of one-piece mounts in the market. Because of the ease of installation offered, these mounts have overpowered the primary types. Also, they are more rigid than the scope rings. But this sturdiness might result in adding some extra weight to the structure.  

The old school scope rings, on the other hand, are lightweight but cannot offer the same durability as a single-piece mount. Given that one has to install the rings individually, the mounting is a bit complicated. Nonetheless, they are best for bolt action rifles, and you can find them at a reasonable cost. 

Split Types 

To hold the optics, the rings can have a vertical or horizontal opening. The horizontal split types are more convenient as they allow the user to change scope without needing to dismount the rings from the firearm. In contrast, the vertical openings secure uniform tightening to maintain a well-balanced grip. 

Base Types 

Picatinny, Weaver, Leupold, and Dovetail are the mounting platforms your firearm may have to install different accessories. Since each base varies in configuration, the scope rings also have varying dimensions to fit different rifles. Therefore, buy the right fit for your particular type of rail system to avoid wasting money on inappropriate products.

Mounting Height  

For mounting scope precisely, the height plays a critical role. Ideally, for the perfect installation, you should lower the scope to the maximum level. High-powered rifles impart a strong recoiling force. This recoiling force will hit the scope more intensely if it’s mounted at a high level. Therefore, lower assembling not only offers a comprehensive and clear sight picture but also secures the longevity of your scopes.   

However, at the same time, you must take care that the scope does not contact the rifle’s barrel. To determine what height is desirable for your firearm, the objective lens and barrel dimensions play a vital role. The key is – the thicker the barrel is, the higher the mounting ring gets. 

Similarly, the height of the mount and objective lens are directly proportional to each other. Optics with an objective lens of 40mm or lesser size will require lower mounts as a general rule. In contrast, higher mounts are needed for an objective lens of 50mm or greater extent.

Ring Diameter

The optic tubes are available in different diameters. The mounting rings are responsible for holding these tubes firmly. But the clamping system may fail to offer the desirable grip if you buy without considering the scope’s diameter. If the tube is 30mm or 1-inch, look for the mounting system with a befitting design. 

Quick Detach System 

Together with single-piece mounts, the QD systems gained the limelight as they offer swift installation and detachment mechanisms. Such mounts generally have a locking throw lever which overcomes the tightening issues encountered with earlier types. Moreover, the system enables quick swapping between different optics and accessories without losing zero.  

let’s look at 8 models that we think should be included in your list of options. The review features the scopes alphabetically.

The Top 10 Scope Mounts Available

1. Vortex Optics 30mm Riflescope Rings

With its wide range of high-quality and affordable products, Vortex is the first to pop in our head when it comes to optics scope. These ring scopes available in low, medium, and high designs are no exception to the quality associated with the brand’s history.

Made from 6061-T6 aluminum, these rings are rugged as well as lightweight. Since the rings have an opening at the top rather than the sides, you will be able to fix the scope comfortably without overtightening.

A six-screw mounting mechanism maintains a clear optical sight even under the influence of powerful recoiling force to hold the scope tightly. You will also receive a hex key to mount the rings right away on a Weaver or Picatinny base. You can use them to set scopes of 30mm or 1-inch diameter at the height of around 24.6mm.

Thus, whether you want to go hunting or play a shooting sport, these rings can be an apt and affordable option. Besides, you won’t require extra lapping to hold the scope in place. However, for large-sized scopes, we recommend lapping the rings to secure accurate shots.

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2. Warne 30mm PA Rings

Warne is another brand frequently bought and liked by firearm hobbyists. These scope rings with a matte finish have a flexible build that fixes on various sizes of rifles. Holding the scope firmly while managing to resist the recoiling force is what we like the most about these mounts.

They have a Torx screw mounting system that secures consistent handling with the help of 4 socket cap screws. Nonetheless, mounting the rings individually is perplexing for some users. But by following the provided instructions, one can get to know the assembly quite smoothly.

Plus, the mounts have a broad base that secures the scope will never lose equilibrium. In comparison, the anti-slip design and the square recoil key keeps the rings attached to the base even under extreme pressure conditions. The square recoil key also prevents any deformity in rings that might occur under the application of high recoiling force.

With cap screw availability, you can readily mount or dismount the rings from the rifle. As for versatility, you can find different variants depending upon the size and width of the telescopic tube. And since the rings are fabricated from sintered steel, you can expect them to accompany your shooting hobby relentlessly for years.

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3. Burris P.E.P.R. Quick Detach Mount

Burris P.E.P.R. can be the perfect match for those looking for the best mount available for ARs. To meet the customers’ requirements, the manufacturer offers various modifications in the ring or base size. You can install the mount on Picatinny or Weaver rails. The model 410342 firmly holds scopes of 30mm diameter, whereas 410344 can work well with 1-inch telescopes.

Even if these modifications can cost you more than the other products available, no one can beat the accuracy rendered by these mounts. They have a stylish matte look and are lightweight, thanks to the aluminum built that provides excellent durability without increasing extra pounds.

To aim perfect shots without straining eyes, the mount has a 2-inch offset. While holding the scopes firmly yet comfortably, the rings split horizontally and secure the scope inside by using six hex bolts. Thereby making the mount a definite choice for those planning to play a shooting contest or going on the chase.

The 30mm and 1-inch models come with a quick-detach system that allows quick adjustment and removal of the mount. By using the locking throw levers, you can swiftly adjust without losing zero. However, the pre-aligned rings will enable you to install the scope right away without caring about lapping or adjustment.

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4. Nikon Black Precision Medium Height

This matte black single-piece mount has all required for making your hunting or shooting experience memorable. Since it is manufactured from light aircraft-grade aluminum, you can carry the weapon with optics installed for long distances and duration. Plus, the non-reflective anodize coating protects the mount from deteriorating aspects like corrosion, heat, etc.

Instead of two, four scope rings are available that work excellently to hold the scope firmly and stick to the weapon solidly. Although these extra rings addition might exhaust more time for installation, the preciseness rendered will never make you regret investing your time and money.

Separately installed rings on the structure make the mount prone to damages under powerful recoils. Considering this, the Nikon precision mount comes with the ring’s half bottom integrated into the base. This delivers extra strength to the structure, while the horizontal opening allows easy mounting and dismounting of scopes.

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5. Hammers Flat Top Offset Scope Mount

Are you on a tight budget? This Hammers one-piece mount is the suitable option up for grabs. Made of extruded aluminum, these mounts are not at all fragile and can bear high pressures excellently. They have a matte black color and a simplistic geometry that everyone can understand.

The mount is 5.30 inches long and clamps perfectly on Picatinny rails. At the same time, the rings are 2.52 inches away from each other. Since they are already accurately aligned, the installation requires less effort. You can quickly attach or detach the mount from ARs, which consequently allows making adjustments while sighting in the rifle.

There is an extra rail added in the packaging to support other accessories on your firearm. Plus, the offset design allows having a full field view along with securing eye relief. Thus, this minimalistic mount with a durable built and low-end price range is best for hunters or shooters looking for a reasonable yet resourceful alternative.

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6. WEAVER 30mm Tactical Scope Rings

The Weaver rings, designed for tactical precision rifles, are the right match for military personnel, LE officers, or shooting enthusiasts. These scope rings with a high-grade aluminum built protected under anodized finish are all set to secure precise shots under all circumstances. In comparison, the skeletonized build ensures that mounting them will not increase the extra pounds of your weapon.

Clamping the optics firmly to the firearm is what defines the quality of mounting rings. For this, each ring has six hex screws integrated that hold the scope firmly. This, in turn, maintains a well-balanced grip so that every shot you fire hits right on target.

Moreover, the rings have a classic look that blends in perfectly with your weapon. Versatility is another factor symbolizing the dedication of manufacturers. These rings are available in different sizes, heights, and materials to meet the customers’ demands. This allows the user to install scopes with large objective lenses without needing to lap them.

There are adjustable knobs at the base for ease of mounting that can fit in varying widths of rail systems. Plus, the horizontal opening assists in holding zero while swapping optics. And the no-strip Torx screws fasten better than flat-head or other types of screws along with preventing cam-out.

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7. Vortex Optics Riflescope Mounts

Here is another product from Vortex that never backs off from supporting those right on-target shots. Best for flat-top rifles, this cantilever mount is available for 30mm or 1-inch diameter telescopes. It has a 2-inch or 3-inch offset that allows the user to fix other accessories like a magnifier on the rail.

As for designing, this black mount has a plain aluminum built that weighs around 6.75 ounces only. Its length is 5.89 inches, while both rings are fixed 2.52 inches away from each other. Since the rings are already integrated at an optimum distance, installing this mount is a no-brainer.

The Torx screwing system holds the scope firmly at a maximum height of 1.59 inches, making it a perfect match for most ARs. Moreover, once bought, these mounts can last for ages without requiring any maintenance.

However, if you require repairing, the brand offers an exclusive, unconditional lifetime warranty. So, you can call on them whenever needed. On top of this all, Vortex never fails to maintain its record of asking for the least in return. This mount is quite affordable like other products in the company’s catalog.

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8. American Defense AD-RECON Optic Mount

Another addition to the list of best scope mounts is this U.S.A-made single-piece mount. One commonly encountered problem with such constructions is a heavyweight. To prevent this, AD-RECON comprises high-grade aluminum and weighs 8.4 ounces only. Also, to further reduce the weight, each integrated ring is skeletonized from the corners.

Since the mount is available in different colors, those who like using custom gun skins would love to utilize this option. As for longevity, the T6 aluminum body with T3 Mil-Spec anodized coating is strong enough to withstand high recoiling forces. Plus, the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty to assist you in case of any damage.

Our favorite part of this mount is that you don’t need any proprietary tools to adjust it. The QD Auto Lock System allows simply fixing the mount either using a finger or a flat blade screwdriver. Besides, this mount sticks firmly to the firearm rail. And one can move the lever lock on the front or rear side as per convenience. Thus, providing maximum efficiency without asking for hours of adjustment efforts makes this mount a viable option.

AD-RECON also enables the user to screw the rings out and fix them back once the optic has been adjusted perfectly for better scope placement. Although a high-end product, this rugged mount comprises everything to make it a lifetime investment.

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9. Ruger 90406 Ring Set

Ruger is another name trusted for producing top-notch firearms as well as accessories. You can fix this particular ring set on any rifle comprising the befitting rail (Weaver or Picatinny) for installation. As they have a plain building with a horizontal opening, you can easily install and remove the optics.

This smartly designed ring set allows making scope adjustments with the rings mounted on the firearm to save your time and effort. The height of the rings is high enough to hold scopes with significant objectives. Thus, enabling you to enjoy the most satisfactory shooting experience with high-resolution lenses clamped powerfully on the weapon.

Besides, if you are unwilling to equip your rifle with a bulky mounting system, this ring set containing less proportion of metal is best to opt for. Yet lightweight does not signify fragility. These rings composed of stainless steel are capable of resisting recoiling or rough handling efficiently.

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10. Leupold 49957 Dual Dovetail Scope Rings

The Leupold scope rings mount smoothly on Dovetail-equipped firearms like the Ruger M77. Despite the occasional use of such guns, Leupold is one of the few manufacturers that never disregard the importance of providing modern and antique weapons accessories. As the rings are steel-made, they can counter recoiling forces efficiently without deforming or breaking.

To hold the scope, the mounts have a horizontal opening that secures the scope firmly without straining it. These rings have a raised base that enables installing large scope lenses on rifles. This lets the user enjoy balanced and precise shots during sports or hunting.

Moreover, once mounted, you can change the scope without removing the rings from the rifle. This not only saves your time but also allows you to make alterations while holding zero. You can also adjust the distance between the rings as per the type of optics installed, unlike one-piece mounts where there is a limited area for alterations as the rings are already fixed at a specific distance.

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Final Words 

A scope mount plays an influencing role in making accurate shots possible. An incapable mount clamping the scope on a weapon loosely will never support precise shots. Therefore, buying the mount that fixes best, even on large weapons like 50 BMG, is best. 

Other than that, to counter powerful recoils, the mounts should be machined from rigid materials. Meanwhile, upgraded ruggedness should not contribute to increasing the overall weight. The ease of installation is another critical factor after the introduction of locking throw levers and adjustable knobs. 

In brief, a mount that can make the user, the scope, and the firearm work in harmony is perfect. The products mentioned above have successfully passed this skill set. Hence, you can buy them freely without worrying about the quality.

Nonetheless, make sure to check the size charts to confirm their compatibility with your weapon. As for scopes, all of them can clamp 30mm scopes tube snugly with the rifles.

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