Best Marlin 336 Rifle Scope

The Marlin 336 lever-action is considered the best rifle for hunting and self-defense throughout the US. Before Marlin, that title belonged to Winchester, but Marlin has now overtaken the market. It is highly accurate at close range, has a six bullet capacity, and can be shot very fast. For accuracy at a 150-yard distance, you may want to take a look at one of these best Marlin 336 scopes.

In the earlier days, the bolt-action rifle was the standard. After which came the lever-action rifle, and Winchester was the first one to introduce them. Lever-action rifles were already a considerable innovation as they are faster, lighter, and much more reliable. But then Marlin came up with a design that complimented scope attachment. That is because it featured a side ejection chamber instead of the top ejection in Winchester.

Soon enough, Marlin enjoyed popularity and kept improving upon its previous models. The 336 is the improved model of the Marlin 36, which was slightly heavier. The side ejection of cartridges made a considerable impact, and soon, people were able to mount scopes on top of the rifle. Slowly, it became the go-to rifle for people who enjoyed deer hunting at the range of 150-200 yards.

Why Would You Want a Scope for Your Marlin 336?

Now, the Marlin 336 Lever-action rifle is a pretty handy gun. It is light, short, easy to carry around when you are hunting. Not to mention it is very accurate as far as 50-yard distance without a scope. But when you are looking at distances as far as 150-200 yards, you need the assistance of a scope. Good optics can be the difference between a missed shot and taking home the trophy.

People often say that the Marlin 336 is only suitable for 200 yards at most. But some people have far surpassed that limitation and shot as far as 1000 yards. This is to tell you about how accurate this gun can be. However, that is with the assistance of a high magnification scope that goes as far as 12x or more.

While hunting deer from a distance, you should know that accuracy is the key. And if you are trying to ensure your score, you would need a good scope for precision. Otherwise, you might miss your chance at getting a big score. We are not recommending scopes that are designed for marksmen challenges but more for hunting purposes.

What to Look for in a Marlin 336 Scope?

Now there are as many as 12X magnification scopes or more available for the Marlin 336 market. But those are purely for marksmanship challenges. For hunting purposes, you are good to go with 3-9x magnification at most. With 9x magnification, you can quickly scope in on a deer at the 200-yard distance. But there is more to scopes than just magnification. Here is what you should look out for when you are purchasing your Marlin 336 scope.

1. Magnification

While you don’t need more than 9X magnification for hunting deer at a 200-yard distance, it is still a good idea to have a variable magnification range. The standard for Marlin 336 scopes is around 2-7X and 3-9X magnification. This is the most you will need, after which come 4X fixed magnification scopes that you can find affordable. These are lighter, cheaper, and easy to use, making them an excellent choice for beginners.

But if you are a pro, you would want a variable magnification of up to 9X to 10X the most. Anything above that is pure overkill, and you don’t need a 12X zoom for hunting deer unless you are planning to enter a marksman contest with this gun.

2. Durability

The durability of scope is essential regardless of which gun it is designed for. The Marlin 336 does not have a hefty kick, but it is still vital that the scope is durable. These days most scopes are made of aluminum, and that has become the industry standard. They are milled out of a single piece of aluminum so that they can withstand shock.

Other than that, being made out of aluminum also gives them the advantage of not accumulating rust over time. And aircraft-grade aluminum is pretty intense; as the name suggests, it is used to make aircraft.

3. Lens

The lens is the most vital part of the scope. These days you get multicoated lenses for your scopes that help you see more clearly. It also improves the light transmission of optics as well. Some brands use high-quality lenses that help you see better even at dusk. And they also prevent glaring and reflections that could impede your shooting activities during day time.

4. Eye Relief and Other Important Features

Adjustable windage and elevation are necessary for hunters who are shooting as far away as 200 yards. And you should be able to adjust it without tools with your hands only. Also, depending on the bullets you are using, you might need good eye relief. Although the Marlin 336 does not have a hefty recoil, some shots have more kick than others. In this case, generous eye relief is necessary to shoot correctly.

Best Marlin 336 Scopes Reviewed

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7X32 Second Focal Plane

Vortex Optics Crossfire II, 2-7X32mm scope, has to be one of the best optics for the Marlin 336 lever-action rifle. We are saying this because it is ideal for hunting, thanks to the variable 2x to 7x magnification range. Along with that, we are also looking at a dead-hold BDC (Bullet drop compensation) reticle.

In addition to that, you can also get a V-Brite Illuminated reticle as well. The illuminated reticle will give you more freedom to hunt in darker ambient lighting. The illuminated reticle also comes with various brightness settings. There isn’t any other difference between the dead-hold BDC and V-Brite illuminated reticle, though.

The Crossfire II series of scopes feature adjustable windage and elevation knobs for on-the-go adjustment. The multicoated lens is incredibly clear at any given magnification level. Other than that, the multicoat also protects against reflection and glaring while increasing the light transmission.

Single-piece aluminum construction makes this Vortex Optics scope resilient to shocks and durable. The chamber is argon purged and sealed, making it waterproof and fog-proof. We love how generous the eye relief is, making target sight-in incredibly easy.

Lastly, you also get a good warranty from Vortex Optics if something is wrong with your scope. Avail of this if your scope comes with any defects or manufacturing faults for an easy replacement.


  • Durable Single-Piece Aluminum Construction
  • Illuminated Reticle Option for Hunting in Dark
  • Fog-Proof and Waterproof
  • Generous Eye Relief
  • Clear Vision Throughout Magnification Range


  • Could Use a Better Lens Cap

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2. Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope – Illuminated ACSS-HUD-DMR-308

Primary Arms comes with a 4-14X44mm Riflescope for the Marlin 336 that is perfect for marksman competitions. This kind of zoom is unnecessary for deer hunting at a 200-yard distance. But that does not mean you cannot use it for that purpose. It can be your go-to scope for whether you are hunting or shooting at the range to improve your aim.

The illuminated ACSS-HUD-DMR is a very complex reticle, but it also gives you tons of options. Along with bullet drop compensation, this reticle provides you assistance in shooting moving targets. This makes it one of the most advanced reticles in the market at the moment.

The reticle is also illuminated, which helps you shoot in dark light settings. With the included knob, you can adjust the brightness up to 6 levels. You also get windage and elevation adjustment with an adjustment range compensation of around 17.5MIL.

Constructed out of 6063 aluminum, the factory standard for scopes provides the Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope shockproof and waterproof qualities. The nitrogen-purged chamber also gives it a fog-resistance allowing you to hunt in colder climates.

If we were to pick up any downsides of this scope, it would have to be its complex reticle. For a novice, it is highly disadvantageous. But for a seasoned veteran, the reticle is a blessing. Lastly, you are also getting a 3-year warranty with the product. Also, it is a bit on the heavy side which is also a bit of a disadvantage.


  • Illuminated Reticle
  • Great 4-14X Variable Zoom
  • Good Eye Relief
  • Shock-proof and waterproof
  • Durable Construction


  • Complex Reticle
  • Heavy

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3. Nikon ProStaff 2-7 x 32 Riflescope – Nikoplex

Nikon is not a new name in the gun scope industry. When it comes to lenses, Nikon is one of the pioneers. You might have heard the brand’s name mostly in camera lenses. It seems the company uses its innovation in camera lenses to create quality gun optics as well. The ProStaff 2-7X32 Riflescope with the Nikoplex reticle is one of the best scopes you will find in the market.

It is very compact and lightweight and goes well with the Marlin 336. The 7X magnification, however, might not be enough as deer hunters usually prefer a 9x magnification on their rifles. But it will mostly suffice for hunting operations. The scope is nitrogen purged and O sealed, making it fog-proof and waterproof for the most part.

Nikon’s specialty is multicoated and transmits up to 98% of received light when it comes to the lens. That just means that you can hunt from dawn to dusk without issues about lighting with these optics.

One issue with this scope is that there are no indicators on the windage and elevation knobs. So you have to go by instinct with these. Otherwise, the scope is impeccable. Also, the 7x zoom might not be enough for some hunters who prefer a 9x zoom on their scope.
The eye relief is about 3.8 inches, also pretty decent. Other than that, this lens is pretty solid and a good companion for most hunters.


  • 98% Light Transmission
  • Nitrogen Purged and Sealed
  • Adjustable Windage and Elevation
  • Shock-proof Construction
  • Decent Eye Relief


  • No Indicators on Knobs
  • 7X Zoom Might Be Too Little for Some People

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4. Trijicon RS20 AccuPower Riflescope

The Trijicon RS20 is the more expensive rifle scope in the market. But that is due to the fantastic features it packs. If you do not care about hunting, these optics will give you a great advantage. It has a fiber optics illuminated reticle that does not require a battery.

The reticle light adjusts accordingly to the ambient lighting. Also, the light is not transmitted through the lens to the outside either, as not to warn your prey of your presence. The scope is also pretty durable, considering it is constructed out of aluminum.

The reticle is also on the second focal plane, so it does not change size or position regardless of the magnification. This gives you accurate shots throughout the magnification range of 3-9X.

The lens is multicoated to prevent glaring and reflection and to increase the light transmission. Lastly, there are also adjustable windage and elevation knobs that have indicators with caps to avoid accidental adjustments or shifts.


  • Battery-Free Illuminated Reticle
  • Second Focal Plane Reticle Keeps Position Same Throughout Magnification Range
  • 3-9X Magnification Ideal for Hunting
  • Multicoated Lens for Light Transmission
  • Aluminum Construction Makes Scope Durable


  • Tad Bit Expensive

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With the above-reviewed scopes, your hunting with the Marlin 366 will go smoothly. Whether it is hunting from dawn to dusk or just during the day, all of these scopes come multicoated, they will give sound light transmission even in bad lighting. But you should choose something that suits your needs more than anything else. If you require a specific feature, then you should go for that scope instead.

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