Best Night Vision Scope for Coyote Hunting – Top Rated Optics for Nighttime Predator Hunting

If you plan on hunting for a nocturnal game such as Coyote, then, this review of the best night vision scope for coyote hunting is what you need. Coyotes are naturally nocturnal; thus, they are normally active around the dawn and dusk periods when they are out doing the hunting on their own. Thus, to be able to tackle them, you want to invest in a scope that adapts to these conditions.

The best night vision scope for coyote hunting is ideally designed to cater to your targeting and shooting needs in the typical low light conditions, thus, improving your performance ad success. In this review, we’ve shared our top 5 picks for the best night vision scope for coyote hunting to help you find the ultimate choice.

1. ATN ThOR Gen 4 Thermal Riflescope

With the ATN ThOR 4 Thermal Riflescope, you will enjoy incredibly clear images with adequate brightness – even in total darkness. The riflescope integrates an ultra sensitive Next Gen sensor which delivers adequate illumination.

To complement its superior performance, the scope is built with a ballistics calculator. Using the ballistics calculator, you can accurately gauge the temperature, wind speed, humidity, multiple weapon profiles, and range, just to mention a few.

Its dual video recording on the other end allows you to record your shooting footage on your smartphone through a wifi connection whilst also saving it on the included SD card. The Recoil Activated Video technology on the other end removes the worry of whether or not you have activated the recording button as automatically prompts recording as soon as you begin to shoot and after you are done.

Furthermore, the night vision scope is designed with an ultra low power profile. The low power consumption allows you to use it uninterrupted for up to 18 hours. It’s 90mm eye relief is generous enough to allow for quick target acquisition whilst promoting eye protection against injury that may be caused by heavy recoil.


  • Generous eye relief for prolonged comfort
  • Thermal sensors for added target precision
  • Ultra low power profile for longer battery life
  • Dual video streaming technology
  • Ballistics calculator to accurate gauge all environmental parameters
  • Wifi compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Built-in smart range finder
  • HD display with a resolution of 1280 x 720


  • The range finder is not very accurate

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2. Pulsar Digex N455 Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Built with 10 different reticle types, the Pulsar Digex N455 Digital Night Vision Riflescope is what you need for coyote hunting. The Digitex electronic reticles come in different shapes and functions in 8 different colors to cater to different lighting and weather conditions.

The detachable high powered IR illuminator on the other end offers extra brightness to help you nab your target even in total darkness. Furthermore, the scope is designed with precision targeting Picture-in-Picture Mode with 5 individual shooting profiles that can hold up to 50 zeroing distances.

The powerful sensor on the other end gives the night vision scope for coyote hunting an effective range of up to 500 meters. To complement this impressive range coverage, the scope features a magnification range of 4x to 16x.

To cater to the different environmental needs, the scope boasts a rugged all-metal housing with a powerful weather-resistant rating – allowing it to survive conditions between -13 degrees Fahrenheit and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Furthermore, the scope also boasts a full waterproof IPX7 rating that survives submersion water sources that are up to a meter deep for up to 30 minutes.


  • HD sensor with a resolution of 1280 x 720
  • 4x – 16x magnification range covers up to 500 meters
  • Live streaming with sound using your smartphone via wifi connectivity
  • All-metal housing survives harsh conditions and weather
  • Fully waterproof housing with IPX7 rating survives submersion underwater
  • Up to 10 different reticles types with 8 colors to cater to different lighting conditions
  • Built-in scalable ballistics reticle
  • Detachable IR illuminator for ultra low light conditions


  • Heavily built

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3. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

Integrating a dedicated night vision mode, the ATN-X Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope allows you to work well into the night. The night vision scope is also built with an ultra HD 4K sensor with an Obsidian 4 Dual Core Processor which allows for improved image resolution and color accuracy.

Furthermore, the 5-20x riflescope is built with a smart ballistics calculator that gives you an accurate reading of the range, wind, multiple-weapon profiles, and other relevant environmental parameters to allow for successful long range shooting with very attempt.

The dual stream and video recording system allow you to document every step through your smart device using a wifi connection whilst recording the footage in the included 64GB SD card. The RAV technology on the other end activates recording as soon as you begin to shoot the target.

The waterproof and weatherproof night vision scope for coyote hunting is also built with a low power profile – allowing continuous operation for up to 18 hours – enough to make full use of the dark outdoors. To allow you to shoot for long without suffering from eye fatigue and strain, the riflescope is designed with long eye relief.


  • Dedicated night vision mode
  • Removable SD card with up to 64GB space included
  • The long battery life of up to 18 hours of operation
  • Built-in smart ballistics calculator and range finder to share with you all the relevant accurate data
  • Large HD sensor resolution of 3864 x 2218
  • Live video and audio streaming on any iOS or Android smart device via wifi connectivity
  • RAV automatically activates video recording
  • Sensors powered with a dual core processor


  • Heavily built

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4. Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Offering a range of 100 to 200 yards in the nighttime, the Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope is perfect for coyote hunting. Its built-in IR illuminator on the other end its light in the infrared spectrum beyond visible light; allowing the scope to pick up images even in total darkness.

Yet, its versatility allows you to use it in the daytime without any risks of damage. Additionally, its versatile construction doesn’t only limit it to coyote hunting. You can also use it for other types of varmint hunting, hog hunting as well as on paintball and airsoft rifles.

To enhance viewing accuracy and precision, the riflescope is fitted with a choice of three reticle types. Each reticle can be configured in white or black for easy reticle type and color adjustment to suit the needs of the shooting environment.

The scopes also integrate an HD resolution with a 640 x 480 display. It is fitted with an objective lens that facilitates a magnification power of up to 3x. Its field of view extends to 5.6 reg whilst its focusing distance starts from 10 feet to infinity. To make them easy to use even for beginners, they boast a super straight forward mounting mechanism. Plus, it is compatible with Weaver and Picatinny rail mounting.


  • The battery life of up to 4 hours on high IR, 7 hours on low IR, and 17.5hours without IR
  • A choice of three reticle types to suit the needs of the shooting environment
  • Range of 100 to 200 yards makes it perfect for nighttime hunting
  • Compatible Picatinny and Weaver rail mounts
  • Features a high tensile and rugged plastic construction to give it a lightweight finish
  • Built-in IR illumination for extra low light conditions
  • The focus distance of 10 feet to infinity
  • Weatherproof rating to withstand the rough outdoor environments


  • Short battery life

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5. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective Riflescope

Integrating a V-Brite Illuminated, the Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective Riflescope uses an illuminated center dot that delivers accurate aiming point for improved performance in ultra low light conditions.

The V-Brite illumination design enhances reticle brightness which, in turn, allows you to see in the dark. The riflescope’s customized reticle eliminates guesswork on holdover and windage corrections – making the riflescope perfect for hunting/shooting at varying ranges where holdover estimation.

Furthermore, the reticle features a second focal plane design near the eyepiece behind the erecting and magnifying lenses. The SFP comes with the advantage of maintaining the same appearance even with varying magnifications to ensure image clarity with no risks of pixelations.

To survive the harsh outdoors, the riflescope is built from a hard-anodized single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tube and sealed with O-rings for shockproof performance and enhanced strength. Furthermore, the scope tube is filled with nitrogen for a fog proof performance as it prevents internal moisture build up during rapid temperature changes.


  • Fast focus eyepiece facilitates quick and easy reticle focusing
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum tube for optimal internal adjustment and strength
  • Single-piece tube accentuates the accuracy and waterproofness
  • O-ring sealing and nitrogen purging prevents moisture build up, internal fogging, dust, and debris
  • Capped reset turrets allow for easy re-indexing to zero after sighting in
  • Adjustable objective lens for image focus and parallax removal
  • SFP reticle maintains target size and appearance at different magnifications
  • V-Brite Illumination for reticle brightness in low light conditions


  • The eye box is not very comfortable at high magnifications

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What Is the Difference Between Thermal and Night Vision?

Whilst thermal vision allows you to easily detect the desired game, night vision is used to identify and target the game.

What Time Do Coyotes Hunt?

Coyotes are nocturnal hunters, thus, they are at their peak hunting around dawn and dusk. This also makes it the best time to hunt for them as they are in their most active period. However, they are even active during the day as the temperature lowers. This is why you need the best night vision scope for coyote hunting.

Are Thermal and IR the Same?

No, they are not. IR systems use short wavelength infrared light to illuminate the area you are in, thus, allowing you to see in the dark. Thermal imagers on the other end are less active as they only identify the target through heat sensors.

What Is the Advantage of Conventional Night Vision Scopes?

The best night vision scope for coyote hunting comes with numerous benefits compared to thermal scopes. These scopes come with the advantage of being lighter and less bulky whilst covering a more range.

Are Digital Night Vision Scopes Any Good?

Yes, to a certain point they come with great advantage. For one, they are amongst the cheapest night vision scopes. Additionally, they work great for medium-range shooting applications. However, they are not as effective in total darkness.

Do Night Vision Scopes Work in Total Darkness?

Typically, the traditional night vision scope depends on the light from stars and moons. Thus, they may not be as dependable on cloudy nights unless they are built or fitted with an illuminator. Thermal scopes on the other end rely on IR emitted from the warm bodies of the target thus, they are not affected by darkness.


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