Best Night Vision Scope for the Money – 5 Top Rated Cheap Optics to Use at Night

Are you in search of an affordable riflescope to use at night? What you need is the best night scope for the money. Whether you want to hunt for nocturnal animals or simply enjoy evening sightseeing; a night vision riflescope allows you to follow your targets even in total darkness.

Furthermore, a night vision scope allows you to spot out and shoot your target from long distances, without having to shine bright lights to spook your target. You can find a wide selection of night vision riflescopes in the market. However, we’ve found you some good quality night vision riflescopes that don’t require you to break your bank. Below is the list of the top 5 selections for the best night vision scope for the money.

1. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

Integrating an ultra 4K HD sensor, the ATN-X riflescope uses the Obsidian 4 dual core processor to deliver incredible optics and high image resolution even in ultra low light conditions; furthermore, the night vision scope features a built-in ballistics calculator. The ballistics calculator enhances your chances of successfully hitting the target.

The calculator allows you to track real time parameters such as the range, wind, weapon profile, angle to target, temperature, and humidity. Additionally, the ballistic calculator doubles as a rangefinder, barometer, and e-compass.

Furthermore, the rifle scope for night use features a dual stream video recording. The dual stream video recording feature doesn’t only allow you to stream your target recording via your smartphone; you can use the SD card in the scope to save your recording as well.


  • Ultra 4K HD sensors improve picture quality and enhance image resolution
  • The ballistics calculator allows you to successfully shot your target
  • The dual streaming video recording feature is Wifi, iOs, and Android app compatible
  • The riflescope features a long battery life of up to 18 hours on a full charge
  • Features an enhanced HD night vision mode allows you to use the scope in total darkness


  • Cumbersome menu interface – focus and range settings take long to adjust

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2. Burris Ballistic Plex Hunting Riflescope

or heavy duty night time use, the Burris Ballistic Plex Hunting riflescope is a perfect model. This affordable hunting riflescope is designed for people who need a hard fighting and aggressive rifle. The scope features a sleek profile, which allows for flexible parameter finger adjustment to guarantee maximum performance.

A forward mounting design allows for front ejection port installation for extended eye relief. Additionally, this mounting style allows you to shoot with both eyes open, thus, reducing fatigue and enhancing fast target acquisition as well as situational awareness.

Yet, this is not all the riflescope does to reduce fatigue and increase relief. Thanks to its compact and lightweight build, at only 9.7 inches and 13 ounces, respectively; the scope is easy to handle and mount on your rifle. Furthermore, thanks to this design, the riflescope is a perfect option for those who will be trekking or hiking for a long time.


  • The forward mounting design allows shooting with both eyes open to reduce eye fatigue and increase situational awareness
  • A lightweight and compact body makes the riflescope easier to handle
  • Larger precision ground lenses for increased light transmission
  • Nitrogen-filled scope tube to prevent internal fogging in the cold or rain
  • Precision gauged and hand-fitted construction to prevent shock and vibration


  • The anti-glare lens treatment is not effective indoors or under artificial light

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3. Simmons Truplex Riflescope

The Simmons riflescope features a Truplex reticle design which improves your shooting precision. The Truplex reticle style makes the crosshairs thinner at the center which makes it easy for you to see where bullets hit.

Additionally, the crosshairs allow for easy and quick target acquisition whilst making it easy to focus on your target without struggling with extended settings. The riflescope boasts fully coated lenses that deliver brighter, clearer, and high contrast images. The riflescope also features 1/4 MOA sure grip windage and elevation dials that allow for easy adjustment, whilst their audible clicks ensure precise settings.

Furthermore, the night vision riflescope integrates a true zero windage and elevation adjustment system that remains secure to zero, no matter the conditions. In fact, to survive any conditions, the riflescope is nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed for recoilproof, waterproof, and fogproof performance. A QTA eyepiece on the other end further improves target acquisition.


  • The triple reticle design increases focus and viewing clarity
  • Large 40mm objective lenses for increased light transmission from image clarity, brightness, and contrast
  • Wide magnification range of between 3X and 9X
  • The 1/4 MOA sure grip windage and elevation dials allow for easy adjustment
  • A QTA eyepiece increases the precision of target acquisition


  • The riflescope is somewhat heavy

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4. Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Whether you want to mount it on a rifle, shotgun, or cross bow; the Night Owl Optics rifle scope delivers exceptional performance. This night vision scope is designed for people who want to engage in hunting or shooting in the dark at both close and long range.

The riflescope comes with a choice of 3 different reticle types. Using each reticle type, you can configure it in white or black – allowing you to adjust the reticle type and color based on your shooting conditions. The affordable polymer constructed riflescope is lightweight – making it easy to carry with you on long treks and easy to handle.

Whilst the rifle scope is lightweight, its durable polymer construction gives it a high tensile and super rugged body to withstand even the roughest conditions. For enhanced convenience, the riflescope is compatible with Weaver or Picatinny rail mounting systems.


  • Wide viewing range of between 100 and 200 yards in low light conditions
  • An optional patented IR illuminator allows you to view a better image clarity and brightness even in the dark
  • The long operating battery power of up to 18+ hours – Up to 7 hours on IR mode
  • Built with a focus distance of 10 feet to infinity
  • Using the scope during day time will not damage it


  • Image quality is not as good at very long distances

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5. Pulsar Digex N455 Digital Night Vision Riflescope

The Pulsar Digex Night Vision riflescope features enhanced night time sensitivity for use in total darkness. The riflescope is designed with an HD sensor that delivers a 1280 x 720 image resolution. Its 4X to 16X magnification power on the other end allows for both short and long range applications.

The riflescope integrates a Picture-in-Picture mode which allows for precision aiming to improve target shooting. The Picture-in-Picture mode comes with up to 5 individual shooting profiles that hold up to 50 zeroing distances. Furthermore, the riflescope boasts over 10 different reticle types in a wide selection of color options and scalable ballistic reticles.

The choice of reticles allows you to pick a type that matches your current shooting conditions. Additionally, its digital design allows for a full connection to your smartphone. You can review your target recording, live stream in YouTube or remote operate the riflescope all through the smartphone.


  • HD sensors and image resolution offers increased clarity and brightness
  • The 4X to 16X magnification power allows for both short and long range applications
  • The smartphone connectivity allows you to review your video recording, operate remotely, and live stream it on YouTube
  • IPX7 waterproof rated all-metal housing
  • The riflescope tube withstands temperatures between -13 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit


  • The riflescope is heavy – you need a supporting accessory when using it for a long time

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Are Night Vision Scopes Illegal?

No, night vision scopes are legal across the United States. It is only the state of California that limits the use of several sniper scopes.

How Long Will the Best Night Vision Scope for the Money Last?

Typically, even the best night vision scope for the money will last around 5,000 hours. Keep in mind that the price doesn’t necessarily affect quality. You can find very affordable scopes that are of high quality and durability. If you want to go all out and spend a lot on night vision scopes, you can take a peek inside our night vision scopes under 1000 here.

What Is the Difference between Night Vision and Thermal Imaging?

Whilst both allow you to clearly view your target at night, their working mechanisms are different. A night vision scope works by amplifying nearby visible light. Thermal imaging on the other end uses infrared sensors to detect differences in temperatures of objects in its line of sight.

Will My Night Vision Scope Allow Me to See in Total Darkness?

A night vision scope uses natural ambient infrared light from the moon and stars to create an image. Thus, if you are in the outdoors in total darkness, you will still be able to see your target using a night vision scope. However, if you are in total darkness in an enclosed building or a basement, you will not be able to see.

Can a Night Vision Scope Be Used in Daylight?

A night vision scope can be used in daylight. However, it is strictly advised against. Inside the riflescope, image intensification tubes are used for external light sources. These tubes are extremely sensitive to light and can be permanently damaged if exposed to it over time.

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