Best Night Vision Scope under 1000 – 5 Top Rated Budget-Friendly Optics for Extra Low Light Conditions

If you are looking for good quality and low-cost rifle optics to use at night time – we have just the solution for you. This review of the top rated options for the best night vision scope under 1000 can help you find the ideal choice. Whether you are hunting or target shooting, night vision scopes improve your viewing performance as if it is day time.

Their superior cutting-edge construction allows you to use these scopes even in total darkness. Whilst they come with an affordable price tag, they still deliver high quality and performance-enhancing build. So, take your pick of the best night vision scope under 1000 to find the perfect choice for the night.

1. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

Built with an ultra sensitive 4 Gen HD sensor paired with an Obsidian 4 Dual Core Processor, the ATN-X Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Riflescope delivers incredible image viewing quality. The night vision scope using this cutting-edge technology for a higher resolution and a blend of vivid colors.

Furthermore, the scope is fitted with a ballistics calculator. A ballistics calculator allows you to accurately gauge all the relevant environmental parameters. These include the range, wind, multiple weapon profile, humidity, and temperature, just to mention a few. Its dual stream video recording mechanism allows you to stream the shooting footage through your smartphone via wifi connectivity whilst simultaneously saving a copy of the footage in the included SD card.

To make this process easier, the Recoil Activated Video technology lets the Obsidian 4 Dual Core Processor take the lead by aiding in automatically start the video and audio recording before and after you take the shot. Additionally, the rifle scope comes with a dedicated night vision mode which maintains incredible image brightness even in total darkness.

Its ultra low power profile allows the scope to consume energy for longer – allowing you to use the scope for up to 18+ hours To survive different outdoor conditions, the scope surviving in a temperature of between -20 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Single simple button operation
  • Standard mounting rings included for easy installing
  • Long eye relief for viewing comfort for prolonged periods
  • Ultra HD gen 4 sensors for added image resolution, color, and quality
  • Ballistics calculator to track the relevant sighting parameters
  • Dual streaming video recording for guarantee shooting footage storage
  • Built-in smart range finder
  • Wifi connectivity works with all iOS and Android devices
  • Generously sized 64GB removable SD card


  • The scope has issues to hold zero

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2. Pulsar Digex N455 Digital Night Vision Riflescope

An HD sensor of the Pulsar Digex N455 Digital Night Vision Riflescope delivers a video resolution of a 1280 x 720 for image clarity and brightness. Its 4-16x magnification range accommodates a wide range of applications. In fact, the scope is capacitated to cover a long nighttime range of up to 500 meters.

Additionally, the scope integrates a high precision aiming with picture-in-picture mode with 5 individual shooting profiles that hold up to 50 zeroing distances. Fitted with up to 10 different reticle types in up to 8 various color options – the scope adapts to a wide range of weather and lighting conditions. The scope even comes with scalable ballistics reticles. Additionally, the riflescope features a built-in long range illuminator with 850nm or 940 nm power.

Using the IR illuminator, you can comfortably observe your target without spooking them. Its three adjustable IR power levels on the other end allow you to set it to the right range and illumination based on your shooting circumstances. Designed with Wifi connectivity, the riflescope allows for Live YouTube streaming using your iOS or Android smartphone.

To ensure long lasting durability and ruggedness in harsh conditions, the night vision riflescope is IPX7 fully waterproof – surviving submersion in 1m deep water for up to 30 minutes. Furthermore, the all-metal night vision scope is designed to survive operating temperatures of between -13 degrees Fahrenheit and 12 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • IPX7 waterproof rating allows them to operate in high humidity, precipitation, and even submersion underwater
  • Built-in long range IR illuminator with adjustable IR power levels
  • 10 different reticle types to cater to different lighting conditions
  • Instant start up for battery energy saving
  • Highly rugged all-metal housing
  • Over 500m nighttime viewing range
  • Integrated video and sound recorder with Live YouTube streaming
  • Wifi connectivity works with all iOS and Android devices
  • Enhanced night time sensitivity


  • The scope is a little heavy

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3. ATN ThOR 4 384×288 Thermal Rifle ScopeThe ATN ThOR 4 384 x 288

Thermal Rifle Scope integrates a powerful ultra sensitive next gen sensor that improves image clarity and resolution even in total darkness. Thanks to the thermal sensors, the scope detects radiation by picking up heat from your target’s body even at long distances – allowing you to effectively use the scope even in the dark.

Additionally, this thermal scope delivers ultra sensitivity even amid smoke and fog. Nevertheless, it still offers great usability and dependability during day time. Its ballistic calculator on the other end allows you to gauge all the relevant parameters in your shooting environments such as wind, temperature, and humidity – making long range shooting more accurate.

The scope also features a smart range finder. Using the dual stream video recording, the riflescope allows you to stream your shooting footage in HD resolution on your mobile phone whilst recording it simultaneously in the included SD card.

The recoil activated video technology on the other end automatically activates recording before shooting and after shooting. The simple single button operation allows you to efficiently save energy.


  • Thermal mode allows you to use in the day and nighttime
  • Smart ballistic calculator accurately gauges all the relevant parameters
  • The built-in smart range finder
  • Removable 64GB SD card
  • Low battery consumption – allowing the scope to work for up to 18 hours uninterrupted
  • Wifi connectivity works with iOS and Android devices
  • Recoil activated video automatically activates video recording
  • Wifi connectivity works with all iOS and Android devices
  • Thermal sensors allow the scope to work in total darkness


  • The rangefinder is not as accurate

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4. Hawke Sport Optics 14242 Vantage 4-12×40 AO 22 WMR IR Riflescope

Built with a premium quality lens, the Hawke Sport Optics 14242 Vantage 4-12×40 AO 22 WMR IR Riflescope delivers excellent clarity, brightness, and contrast. The scope is fitted with a fully multi-coated lens with up to 11 layers – thus, allowing it to optimize light transmission. Its adjustable objective allows the scope to promote a parallax-free performance from 10 yards to infinity – making it an excellent choice for close range shooting.

Integrating an exclusive illuminated X-ACT reticle, the scope easily resets to zero and offers superior down range accuracy whilst providing the much-needed brightness to work in low light conditions. In fact, the glass etched reticle is designed with red and green illumination. Plus, its rheostat adjustment knob offers up to 5 levels of brightness.

For added convenience, the scope is fitted with a fast focus eye bell and high torque zoom ring for convenient adjustment. To ensure quality and long lasting durability, the scope is nitrogen purged and fully sealed for waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof. Its durable 1-inch mono-tube chassis on the other end reinforces its strength and stability.


  • Illuminated X-ACT reticle with red/green color to work in low light conditions
  • Rheostat adjustments with up to 5 brightness levels
  • 1-inch mono-tube chassis for superior strength and stability
  • 11 layers of fully multi-coated lenses for clarity, brightness, and contrast
  • Adjustable objective for parallax-free performance from 10 yards to infinity
  • Programmable b ballistic reticle is designed for .22 WMR caliber rifles
  • Distance merged into glass etched reticle field of view for maximum magnification
  • Zeroes on 12x magnification at 100 yards
  • ¼ MOA clicks on the windage/elevation turrets for accurate adjustment


  • Some issues with the quality

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5. Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope

An integrated lens cap on the main barrel of the Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope offers secure lens protection against elements when the scope is not in use. Additionally, the scop is designed with a generously long eye relief which allows for comfortable use for longer periods. The scope also facilitates faster target acquisition.

Built with a range of between 100 and 200 yards in the night, the riflescope works great for hunting as well as for use with paintball and airsoft rifles. Nevertheless, you can still use the night vision scope during day time without risking any damage. Its built-in infrared illuminator promotes great reticle brightness to help you use the scope even in total darkness.

Built with a choice of 3 reticle types, the scope allows you to configure each reticle in white or black so you can adjust the reticle type and color to suit your shooting environment. Its high tensile plastic on the other end offers a solid weatherproof finishing – allowing it to survive the harsh outdoor environments.


  • A range of 100 to 200 yards in the nighttime for successful hunting
  • Built-in IR illuminator for use in total darkness
  • Easy to mount and compatible with Weaver and Picatinny mounting rings
  • Single-button brightness adjustment for added convenience
  • Lens caps integrated into the main barrel to protect the lens when not in use
  • Long eye relief for comfortable viewing for long periods
  • Focusing distance from 10 feet to infinity
  • Compatible with lithium and 4 AA batteries
  • ¼ MOA clicks on the windage/elevation turrets for accurate adjustment


  • Low battery life

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What Is the Best Night Vision Scope for Night Hunting?

Our recommended picks for the best night vision scope under 1000 to use for night hunting is ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Riflescope and Night Owl Optics NightShot Digital Night Vision Riflescope.

Which Is Better Thermal or Night Vision?

Thermal does a great job of detection even during day time. It also comes with the advantage that it is not affected even in total darkness as it uses heat sensors to detect game through their heat-emitting bodies. Night vision on the other end comes in handy for identifying and harvesting the game.

How Far Can I See Using a Night Vision Scope?

It depends on the construction. However, in general, even with the cheapest night vision scopes, you will be able to see in a range of 100 to 200 yards on a cloudy and moonless night.

Can Game See IR Illuminators?

No, animals are not able to see IR light. Thus, even when using an IR illuminated scope and properly concealed in cover, the animals will not see you.

Are Night Vision Scopes Legal?

Yes, night vision and thermal devices are legal across the united states. However, if you live in California, you may be limited by some laws that are against these devices. Therefore, before you purchase your scope, you want to ensure that it is allowed to be used in the state.

Is Weather Resistant Same as Waterproof?

No t really. Whilst waterproof rating offers full protection from water even during submersion, a weather resistant rating offers moderate protection – preventing damage from light rain but not necessarily protecting the scope when submerged in water.

Do I Need to Purchase a Separate Mount for My Scope?

It depends on the scope itself. Some scope come with their mounting accessories whilst others require you to purchase separately sold mounts. Alternatively, some rifles integrate built-in mounts that directly attach to your rifle.

Do I Necessarily Need an IR Illuminator?

Generally, an IR illuminator is useful in total darkness or when using a night vision scope for long range applications. It you have a short range scope with good gain, you don’t necessarily need an illuminator. For long range scopes, an IR illuminator improves their overall performance.

That was the list for the most expensive night vision scopes on the market. However, if you’re looking for something more on the affordable list, give a read to this guide on cheap night vision scopes.

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