Best Rifle Scope under 300 – 8 Top Optical Sighting Devices for the Strictest Budgets

If you find yourself with a low riflescope budget – it doesn’t mean that you won’t score a good quality unit; you can still find the best rifle scope under 300. Sure, you won’t afford the computerized one with more innovative technology; however, you can still find a high functioning riflescope to guarantee you successful targeting.

Within this budget, you can find good quality riflescopes with operating ranges of between 100 and 1000 yards – enough to cater to a hunter or shooter. Additionally, you will find countless models with varying settings to help you achieve your most desired parameters.

Yet, with the wide selection of options for the best rifle scope under 300, you may go through the many available options for days. So, to make your life easier – we’ve compiled the list of the 8 best rifle scopes under 300 to help narrow the search. Now, it’s all up to you to pick your favorite option. Happy shopping!

1. Vortex Optics Crossfire II V-Brite Illuminated Rifle Scope

A single piece tube of the Vortex Optics V-Brite Illuminated is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum. This high tensile construction gives the scope a powerful and shockproof performance; furthermore, the rifle scope features a nitrogen filled tube and O-ring sealed design, to help it survive the harshest weather and to prevent fog and water build up in the tube.

The V-Brite illuminated riflescope style utilizes a V-Plex format on its reticle with battery-powered electronics to illuminate the centre dot. This mechanism makes the scope ideal for hunters and shooters during ultra low light conditions. Its capped reset turrets are finger adjustable with MOA clicks so you can easily reset them to zero after sighting in.


  • Fast focus eyepiece for easy reticle refocusing
  • V-Brite illuminated style reticle for use during extra low light conditions
  • Anti-reflective and fully multi-coated lenses for added clarity
  • O-ring sealed and nitrogen filled tube for waterproof and fogproof performance
  • Ergonomic finger adjustable capped reset turrets
  • Single-piece aluminum tube for added durability


  • Rings require a little more pressure to operate

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2. Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Rifle Scope

Integrating HydroShield lens coating, the Vortex Optics Crossfire II riflescope maintains a clear sight picture; furthermore, the lens coating protects it against rough weather. The lens features a high quality optical glass construction. The optical glass paired with the coating delivers a bright and sharp line of view as well.

On the surface, the riflescope is designed with Simmon’s SureGrip rubber. This surface design allows for easy adjusting in any shooting. Additionally, the scope features a Quick Target Acquisition (QTA) eyepiece. This design delivers a consistent 3.5-inch eye relief throughout the magnification range.


  • Ideally designed for .22 calibers and other light guns with 11mdovetail grooves
  • Parallax adjustment for accurate long range shooting
  • SureGrip rubber surfaces offer easy adjusting in any shooting conditions
  • Truplex reticle for added target precision
  • Lightweight build, at only 0.625 lbs
  • Smooth adjustment knob and easy to work with your hands


  • The scope rings are not of good quality

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3. Emarth 20-60x60AE Angled Spotting Rifle Scope

Built with BAK4 roof prism and multicoated lenses, the Emarth Angled Spotting Rifle Scope receives an increased light transmission. Thanks to this design, the riflescope delivers clear and high contrast images, even in low light conditions.

Designed for long range applications, the riflescope features a dual focus wheel system. The dual focus wheel system delivers a fast and fine-tuning focus adjustment, so you can easily lock on to your target and zoom in for more clarity. Thanks to this design, the riflescope is perfect for target shooting, hunting, bird watching, archery, astronomy, and spotting the moon.


  • High quality rubber armor for non-slip and shockproof grip
  • Its built-in retractable sunshade reduces glare
  • Comes with a free tripod for easy rotation of the eyepiece to a sideways position
  • The riflescope allows you to easily adjust your viewing angles
  • Features spotter scope optics that are sealed with O-rings to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from penetrating the spotting scope
  • Barrel filled with nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging


  • The eye relief is poorly designed

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4. Vortex Optics Crossfire II Dead Hold BDC Rifle Scope

If you are looking for the best rifle scope under 300 for excellent eye relief, the Vortex Optics Crossfire II is what you need. This rifle scope features an adjustable objective which makes it great for hunting and target shooting over several different distances. Using the objective, you can easily adjust the image focus for the best viewing quality and clarity.

To complement the adjustable objective, the scope is built with a 4-16X magnification – ideal for most hunting situations. Its 50mm objective lenses on the other end offer ample room for lighting to improve brightness and clarity.


  • Dead hold BDC reticle to easily estimate holdovers for both long and short range shooting
  • Multi-coated lenses for clear images in any conditionsk
  • Large scope tube and 50mm lenses offer improved light transmission
  • Designed with reasonable eye relief for easy target catching
  • Fast focus eyepiece for easy target acquiring
  • Capped reset turrets for easy finger adjustability


  • Glass optics are not effective enough during high magnification

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5. Vortex Optics Crossfire II V-Plex Rifle Scope

The V-Plex style is amongst the best rifle scope under 300 for entry level users thanks to its simple yet highly functional design. Designed for both shooters and tactical hunters; the riflescope offers great long eye relief, fast focus eyepiece, multi-coated lenses, and finger resettable MOA turrets for reliable operation.

Its all-purpose reticle on the other end makes it a perfect choice for a wide variety of hunting applications. The second focal plane reticle design maintains the same size during magnification to ensure you enjoy the same image quality, no matter the distance. Its rugged aircraft aluminum construction on the other end allows the riflescope to survive the roughest environments.


  • Eye box and lens design offers better eye relief
  • Multi-coated lenses for increased clarity
  • Caps on the turrets come off easily
  • Nitrogen filled tube to prevent fogging during humid conditions
  • Can be used in both low and bright light conditions
  • Fast focus eyepiece for easy adjusting


  • Windage and elevation adjusters a little bit taller than normal

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6. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Rifle Scope

The Bushnell Banner riflescope is built for the true hunter. The 1.5-04.5×32 scope is designed to triumph during the early morning and late evening times when tags are at a peak. Whilst it’s not a night vision scope, the riflescope impressively excels in low light conditions. Dusk & Dawn Brightness (DOB) multicolored lenses of the high performance riflescope offer great clarity and brightness.

Its construction on the other end features a single tube design. Thanks to this design, the riflescope allows you to hunt a wide selection of game sizes – from big to small. However, what will impress you the most is its rugged yet, lightweight body – weighing only 0.66 lbs. This lightweight profile allows you to easily handle this scope on your rifles.


  • Designed for use in low light conditions – during the early mornings and late evenings
  • Dry nitrogen filled tube to prevent fogging
  • Fast focus eyepiece for easy viewing adjustability
  • Fixed parallax adjustment at 100 yards for added precision
  • Single inch tubing for easy handling
  • IPX4 waterproof rating


  • The scope is difficult to zero in

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7. UTG 3-9×40 Hunter Rifle Scope

A patented EX-TAP IE illumination system of the UTG 3-9×40 Hunter rifle scope helps to accentuate its functionality. This innovative system features a low profile illumination control. 2 soft and ergonomic control buttons help to switch between red light, green light, or black reticle with no light – thanks to the 36 color mode.

This design facilitates a smooth, natural, and quick reaching hand/finger movement. For added functionality, the scope features a front adjustable objective. The adjustable objective is used for parallax adjustment from 5 yards to infinity; yet it’s the scope’s emerald lens coating that ensures ultra clear views whilst its nitrogen filling prevents fogging.


  • Built for varmint and predator hunting
  • Emerald coated lenses for optimum light transmission and viewing clarity
  • Mil-dot range estimating reticle for maximum aiming and shooting performance
  • Patented EZ-TAP illumination enhancing system offers up to 36 multi-color modes for different weather and light conditions
  • Single click high tech illumination memory feature easily resets the color and brightness to the previous one
  • Premium zero locking and resetting target turrets with convenient windage/elevation adjustments


  • The windage doesn’t go left far enough

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8. Hawke Vantage IR Riflescope

If you are looking for an option for close range shooting, the Hawke Vantage IR riflescope is an excellent choice. This all caliber rated riflescope features an adjustable objective for parallax correction from 5 yards to infinity. However, this is not the only perk that comes with the scope. A mil-dot centre reticle adjusted by a rheostat mounted on a saddle is featured in the scope.

The mild-dot centre reticle offers easy range finding and boasts multiple aim points for hold over ad hold under to facilitate long and close range shooting. Furthermore, the riflescope features 5 brightness levels of illumination in red, green or when turned off in a solid black reticle – to cater to different conditions.


  • 11 layers of the multi-coated lens for optimal clarity
  • Easy to access side focus control for parallax adjustment to infinity
  • Durable fast focus eyeball and high torque zoom ring
  • 5 levels of illumination brightness cater to different light and weather conditions
  • Low profile 1/4 MOA no-snag fingertip turrets
  • Mil-dot reticle for incredible aiming


  • The components are not very durable

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Which Is Better 30mm or 1 Inch Rifle Scope Tube?

Generally, many rifle owners prefer 300 rifle scope tubes over 1-inch ones. This is because 30mm tubes tend to be brighter, sharper, and perform better than 1-inch tubes.

Is a 40mm or 50mm Rifle Scope Lens Better?

Both lenses are good. After all, a 50mm objective offers up to 55% more light than 40mm. However, a 40mm objective offers better strength, les weight, less parallax, lower cost, and a greater field depth.

What Magnification Do I Need for 300 Yards?

Typically, you want a 300 yard riflescope to offer increased clarity. Thus, for a 300 yard range scope, you want to go for lower magnification of at least 10X. This allows you to enjoy a wide viewing angle.

What Magnification Do I Need for 400 Yards?

As stated above, a lower magnification value for a long range rifle scope allows for better viewing clarity and wider viewing angle. Thus, for a 400 yard range riflescope, you want magnification of at least 6X.

Do I Need for and Waterproof Rifle Scopes?

Yes, the best rifle scope under 300 features a waterproof and fogproof design. This design allows your scope to survive wet and humid conditions without affecting its functionality. Typically, such scopes are filled with nitrogen and are O-ring sealed to prevent water penetration.

Can I Use a Regular Scope at Night?

It is a good idea to invest in a night vision rifle scope. You may find the best rifle scope under 300 that is designed to work in low light conditions, early mornings, or late evenings – such as the Vortex Optics Crossfire II or Bushnell Banner Dawn & Dusk. However, these riflescopes still don’t offer full functionality in the dark night.

Do I Have to Pay Attention to Eye Relief?

Yes, it is important to choose the best rifle scope under 300 that offers adequate eye relief. This allows you more comfort and safety from recoils.

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