How to Mount Rifle Scope on a Picatinny Rail in 5 Quick and Easy Steps

Are you looking to mount a rifle scope on a Picatinny rail? Are you having issues with the mounting process? Well, here’s a helpful guide on how to mount a Rifle Scope on a Picatinny rail with easy, straightforward steps.

Knowing the process to mount your rifle scope can make the difference between taking the shot of a lifetime or missing it. Hence, assuming that you don’t know the entire process of mounting scopes and that you are a beginner. Let us take an in-depth look at quick and easy steps to mount your first scope. 

So, here’s how to mount a rifle scope on a Picatinny rail with these five quick-and-easy steps.

Step #1. Get Your Equipment Ready

The first step to mounting your scope is to get all the equipment ready. So, go ahead and get your rifle, the scope, the Picatinny Rail, and all the other tools you might need. Also, make sure to have the correct rings and rails for your rifle.

You would also be needing a torque wrench, a leveling kit, and a gun stabilizer to help you mount the scope.

Next, open up the rings of the Picatinny rail and remove the upper sides of the rings. This will leave you with only the lower sides of the rails.

Note: You can also mark both the upper and lower sides with tape to remember what goes where.

Step #2. Set the Rings

This step is relatively simple and only requires a test fit with the rails and rings. You need to set the rings lightly on the rails and make sure not to tighten them too much. The most common diameter for scopes are 1inch and 30mm.

Note: You can also set the scope to check if everything is aligned before heading to the mounting process. The rings should fit snugly around the scope with a firm grip. This means that you will need to know the diameter of your scope tube and get the rings to match.

Step #3. Adjust the Scope

This is probably the most crucial part of the entire process. You need to correctly adjust and set your scope, making sure everything is perfect. Your eye should be a certain distance from the scope’s ocular lens to see properly continue adjusting accordingly. Hence, we recommend you double-check everything you do.

Firstly, place the scope over the rings and check to see if everything looks perfect. Now, adjust the scope’s position according to the shape and structure and adjust the power to its maximum.

Now, do a test fit to see if everything feels natural. The scope should be aligned, and you should be able to aim at the target with precision.

Finally, use a torque driver, tighten all the screws on the rings, and adjust it according to the rail specification.

Step #4. Set the Rail

Make sure that the ring fits perfectly on the rail and is in the forward position. Also, make sure to adjust everything precisely as it can be an annoyance later on.

Now, please put on the top section of the rail that you marked earlier. Also, keep in mind to adjust the position of the scope accordingly.

Finally, bring the vertical crosshair down, keep the magnification to the minimum and check to see if everything looks good.

Note: Make sure to double-check everything and make sure the scope fits perfectly. This will allow you to have a smoother time with the next step.

Step #5. Tighten the Scope 

Now, tighten the scope and all the rails to make sure you have a perfect fit. Also, try and look to see if your aim is correct and double-check everything. Make sure to adjust anything if you don’t feel that the scope is put on correctly.

Finally, ensure that the rifle is perfectly level and that the reticle is straight up and down for better precision. Also, if you have a boresight handy to use, you can adjust the positioning of the scope. This will help you center position the reticle where the bore laser is hitting.

Note: Make some practice shots after you have fixed everything in place. This will allow you to have a better aim and customize it later down the line.

Final Thoughts

The instructions above will guide you to mount your scope correctly. However, if you fail to follow some steps and just wing it, you may face issues later. So, make sure to adjust everything as stated.

Hence, the step-by-step guide will ensure that your rifle scope is mounted on the Picatinny rail with relative ease. So, follow the guide above, and we ensure you can now have a better idea of how to mount your scope.

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