How to Sight In a Pellet Gun Scope

You just purchased a new Pellet gun, mounted the scope, and you’re ready to shoot. But wait! Have you zeroed your scope? If you’ve not zeroed in your scope, I’m afraid you might be on your way to missing targets. Zeroing your riflescope means matching your gun’s optics with the spot at which the bullet hits at a specific distance. 

Getting to sight in the scope on a pellet gun isn’t as hard as many people see it. But, before we proceed, it’s good we put together some stuff so we have an enabling environment for our shots. That’s why we’ll be discussing things we need before we set out to zero our scope. Enjoy the article!

Stuff You’ll Need Before Zeroing Your Scope

Before you sight in your Pellet gun scope, you must protect yourself and get the needed items before proceeding.

  1. Enabling Environment: We all need the right environment to work, don’t we? Before you sight in your scope, find an area free from environmental disturbances. Wind affects shooting precision, so it’s advisable to get an indoor space to sight in your Pellet gun scope.
  2. Safety Goggles: This is very crucial. Wearing a safety goggle prevents accidental hitting of your eyes after sighting. In addition, wearing safety goggles depict professionalism and etiquette. Asides from that, it gives you confidence that your eyes are safe.
  3. Rear Support: You’ll need rear support to prevent the gun from rebounding. Sandbags and pellet traps can act as the rear support, thereby giving your gun balance, especially if you’re shooting long-range.
  4. Target Sheet: Setting your target is important, either you’re aiming long or short. There’s a bulls-eye target sheet available for this. It helps you measure your shooting accuracy.
  5. Marker: The sole purpose is to note the shooting spot so it becomes easier to access yourself.
  6. Gun Rest: This is similar in function to the rear support. The gun rest provides stability to enable your gun’s precision.
  7. Additional Pellets: Testing for accuracy requires more pellets, so adding some extra pellets within your reach is important.

Having reviewed what’s necessary, it’s time to get down our main focus – zeroing a pellet gun scope.

Steps to Sight-In a Pellet Gun Scope

Step 1. Level Your Rifle

Now, you have all you need to get started. It’s time to sight in your pellet gun scope. The gun rest and rear support come into action here. Level the rifle on a flat surface with the aid of your gun rest and backstop. Ensure your pellet gun is well stable to avoid movement, thereby increasing bullet precision. 

Step 2. Set Up the Target

Get your target sheet ready. Place the target about 15 feet from your gun, and aim at the bulls-eye on the target sheet.

It’s necessary to increase the magnification for proper view. Shoot to aim, and ensure the shot hits the target sheet to ensure you’re in line.

Step 3. Align the Crosshair With the Target

If your first shot doesn’t hit the sheets, do not worry, this is the step where you correct that mistake. Look into the gun scope and align the crosshair with the point of target. There’s no need to move the gun (your gun is already positioned); adjust both knobs (horizontal and vertical) to match the crosshairs with the target.

Step 4. Shoot Again

You fired your first shot and probably missed. No qualms, now you’re in a better position to fire again. Aim the target (bulls-eye) again using the riflescope crosshairs and fire! This time, your shot will be close (about 2 inches below the target). Fire more shots to be certain. This takes us to the last step.

Step 5. Shoot at a Longer Distance

Now, move the target further to a distance of about 30 feet. Repeat the above process severally. This step shouldn’t consume your time since you’re now familiar with the process. By now, your shots will be more precise. Next, you can move the target 75 feet or further and repeat the process (practice makes perfect). If you keep hitting the bulls-eye, then your Pellet gun scope sighting is accurate.


Getting the right items for sighting in your pellet gun scope is as essential as the steps outlined above. Do not rush into sighting if you’re not well-prepared, as this can frustrate your efforts. Sighting in your pellet gun scope isn’t hard once you can properly follow the above steps. It would be best if you started your sighting from a lesser distance of about 15 feet. It will help you to hit the target right from the beginning.

In addition, keep your pellet gun in a safe place and always ensure proper maintenance of your pellet gun. If you follow the guidelines above, you’re on your way to precision.

Wishing you accurate shots!

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