Redfield Scope Review – a Top Rated Budget-Friendly Riflescope

For a good quality riflescope, the Redfield Revolution 4 is a viable option; while this scope is highly affordable and easy to use – it offers great versatility. In this Redfield scope review, we will break down each of the scope’s features to find out just how it can add value to your next hunting or target shooting adventure.

Redfield Revolution 4-12×40 Scope Review in Brief

The Redfield scope is built with the advantage of a classically designed gear – it is simple and easy to use; yet it offers the much needed versatility on the field to bring great value for your money. Being a product of a renowned company, Redfield scope has maintained unwavering quality, durability, and superior performance. Although the Redfield Company was purchased by the Leupold Company, the products have still managed to maintain their incredible quality and friendly prices.


  • 4x-12X magnification power
  • 40mm objective lens
  • 1-inch aluminum tube
  • 4-Plex reticle
  • 3.7 – 4.9 inches eye reliefs
  • 9.4 – 19.9 feet/100 yards field of view
  • 50 MOA max. elevation and windage adjustment

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The Redfield Scope features a single inch aircraft grade construction. The single inch tube construction gives the scope increased strength and durability. Whilst both 30mm tube and 1-inch tubes offer excellent performance; many hunters prefer to opt for 1-inch tubes as they are widely available and offer more versatility.

Additionally, thanks to its light build, weighing only 13.1 ounces, the Redfield Revolution 4 is easy to handle and travel with. Its hard matte black exterior adapts the riflescope for hunting applications by reducing glare, and preventing your potential targets from being spooked. Furthermore, the riflescope is filled with nitrogen to prevent internal fogging.

So, even with rapid weather changes, you will still enjoy great image clarity and quality. Its O-ring sealing prevents debris, dirt, dust, and moisture from penetrating the tube for a fully waterproof and dustproof finish. Its strong aircraft grade aluminum build accounts for its increased shockproof performance – even during heavy recoils.

Lenses & Reticle

Integrating a 40mm objective lens, the riflescope guarantees adequate light transmission for better image brightness and clarity. With the 40mm lens, you will enjoy a greater depth of field and less parallax. Because a 40mm lens is considerably smaller than a 50, 60, or 80mm lens, this means that it will be lighter and cost less.

Additionally, the 40mm objective lens is mounted nearer to the barrel for better and comfortable sighting. Its illuminator lens system combines the premium lens design with a cutting edge, full multi-layer vapor deposition coating for increased image quality, greater field of view, and superior light transmission.

The optical coating prevents the exterior side of the lens from scratches and damage as well. A 4-Plex reticle on the other end combines long range precision and superior target acquisition. This reticle design integrates lines and posts of varying thickness for a perfect balance between long distance applications and target acquisitions.

Its harsh marks on crosshairs compensate for windage and bullet drops. The Accu-range design on the reticle features a small center circle and a single dot between the lower edge of the circle and the top bottom post to allow for a wide variety of aiming points along the vertical wire. This design compensates for bullet drop too.

Furthermore, the 4-plex classic reticle design integrates thick outer posts that allow you to quickly acquire target without losing the thinner crosshairs in the complex background and thinner central lines that offer increased long range accuracy. So, if you want minimal interference at any distance – this is the right scope.

Parallax and Magnification

Featuring a magnification power range of between 4X and 12X, the riflescope gives you aiming points of up to 500 yards – a reasonable range. The magnification range makes the scope ideal for large game hunting and target shooting.

Eye Relief and Eye Box

Integrating an eye relief range of 3.7 to 4.7 inches, the scope is super forgiving for comfortable and prolonged viewing. Furthermore, the long eye relief is great at protecting you against heavy recoils. The specially designed rapid target acquisition eyepiece on the other end allows you to easily lock onto your target with lockable settings. The Accu-Trac turret design allows for quick and tactile finger adjustments without having to lose sight of your target.

Elevation and Windage Knobs

The Redfield scope is built a maximum of 50 MOA elevation and windage adjustment. The Accu-Trac windage and elevation turrets allow you to adjust your aim with ¼ MOA increments. The capped turret design provides audible clicks for precise adjustments.


  • The 3:1 zoom ratio allows for a wide range of hunting applications
  • The rapid target acquisition eyepiece design allows you to swiftly lock on to your target
  • Generous eye relief for comfortable and prolonged viewing
  • Tested and certified to withstand the heaviest recoils
  • Ultra lightweight build for easy handling and transportation
  • Adjustable turrets with audible clicks for precision adjustments
  • Vapor deposition coating for increased light transmission especially in low light and blue wavelength
  • Convenient stainless steel finger click Accu-Trac adjustments
  • Subtle black matte finish for reduced glare and to prevent from spooking you target


  • The images are not as clear at higher magnifications
  • The riflescope is not designed with lens caps to protect the lens when not in use
  • The tube can be somewhat short for large rifles

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Redfield Scope Review Conclusion

The Redfield Scope certainly brings value to your money. This budget-friendly riflescope is carefully gauged with the right settings across all its features – whether it’s the 40mm objective lens, zooming range, comfortable eye relief, or its high tensile body. In fact, it is this construction that makes the Redfield scope a perfect option for hunting ad target shooting – and its perks? Well, it’s affordability!

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