How to Level a Rifle Scope – Three Interesting Ways

When you mount your scope on your rifle, it usually seems all is perfect and does not require any adjustment. However, if you’re in a similar position, you’re wrong. Mounting your scope is just one step; after mounting, there’s a need to level your rifle scope. But before you even think of leveling, you must understand that safety is paramount. Ensure you unload your rifle and face the gun in a safe direction (not pointing at anyone). It prevents accidents.

Now, your gun is pointing in a safe direction, and you need to level the rifle scope. But before that, there’s a need to understand why you’re leveling. So, here are the reasons why we level our rifle scope.

Major Reasons for Leveling a Rifle Scope

  • The reticle accurately targets, as there’s no misplaced crosshair pointing in the wrong direction.
  • It stops distraction and saves time, as you’re ready to shoot anytime you hunt.
  • Your elevation and windage adjustments are more precise.

Now that we understand why we’re leveling our rifle scope let’s put together stuff we’ll need to get it done.

You’ll need:

  • A gun rest: This helps to steady the gun in position.
  • Allen wrenches: For tightening the bolts and screws.
  • Mount and rings: These attach the scope properly to the rifle.
  • Spirit levels: This ensures balance.

You’re now set to level your rifle scope. So, let’s get to the main thing. Leveling your rifle scope requires three main ways to go about it.

  1. The String Levels
  2. The Segway Reticle Leveler
  3. The Wheeler Professional Reticle Leveling System

Leveling the Rifle Scope

1. The String Levels

String line levels contain spirits and are common in construction usage. However, it’s better to use string levels with an aluminum body for the best efficiency with a rifle scope. To level the rifle scope with the string line levels, follow the below steps.

  • Position your rifle using a gun rest.
  • Join the scope mount to the rifle. Be sure to tighten the screws and nuts to ensure stability.
  • Spot the crosshair through the lens. Then, try to aim the reticle via the eyepiece. You can use a torch for this purpose.
  • Level the reticle by rotating the scope body till the string line levels with the crosshairs. If it doesn’t level, tweak the screws. 
  • Tighten the scope ring screws. Do not tighten too much to avoid turning the scope, and ensure the scope stays level while tightening.
  • Check again and confirm it’s properly leveled. Then, use the Allen wrenches to properly fit the screws. 
  • When you’re done, test the scope to ensure it stays level.

2. The Segway Reticle Leveler

It has two similar rectangular sides made of plastic, with a brass rod that holds the base of the leveler. On one of the rectangular sides, you’ll see some straight lines. The spirit level that ensures rifle level is on one of the sides. There’s a rubber band that wraps the rifle and fixes both rectangular sides in place. Here’s how to use the Segway reticle leveler.

  • Position the rifle and attach the mount properly onto the rifle using the screws and bolts.
  • Remove one of the reticle leveler’s sides and put the brass rod over the scope base beneath the scope.
  • Fix back the second side to the brass rod
  • Fix the rubber band to one of the rectangular side’s hooks. Pass it beneath the gun to attach to the second hook of the other side.
  • Check to verify the brass rod is balanced on the base. While on this, ensure your rifle is level using the Segway reticle leveler.
  • Visually align the horizontal lines with the horizontal reticle of your scope.
  • After this, torque the rifle properly using the Allen wrench till you have a leveled scope. By this time, the bubble will be in the middle of the leveler, indicating accuracy.

3. The Wheeler Professional Reticle Leveling System

This device has two levels – the barrel clamp and the reference level. Each of them is made of aluminum and comes with a case for its protection. First, let’s see how to work our way around this device.

  • As usual, we position our rifle steadily and mount the scope.
  • By adjusting the knob, set the top of the barrel clamp.
  • Fix the barrel clamp and tighten the screws on either side. The barrel clamp must be in position with the rifle.
  • Open the cover of the elevation knob and balance the reference level above the elevation knob. Next, adjust the riflescope till the bubble falls in the middle of the leveler.
  • Verify the clamp is level with the rifle.
  • Properly torque the screws to prevent the riflescope from turning. 
  • Finally, make sure the rifle and the rifle scope are leveled.


We’re sure by now; even a beginner can properly level a rifle scope. We’ve shown you three ways to go about it, so pick your best option. Whatever your choice may be, diligently follow the above steps, and you’ll be aiming for the stars.

Ready for some precise shots? Then level your rifle scope now!

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