Top 5 Best Scopes for SKS

A riflescope is a type of telescopic sight that allows the user magnification of their targets. It will enable the user to shoot from a long distance with great accuracy. 

Regardless of what firearm is being used, a riflescope can give you a better experience hunting big games. Most seasoned hunters avoid shooting big games from a closer distance due to the harm factor. Therefore, shooting those large targets from a far distance is the ideal decision. 

However, many different scopes are offering different magnification settings with some additional features. These other features include the power of light transmission, illuminated reticles for better targeting, and a diverse range of magnifications according to the user’s requirements.

What Is an SKS Rifle?

The SKS, or as it is known by its full Russian name, Samozaryadniy Karabin Sistemi Simonov, is a semi-automatic self-loading carbine rifle that Sergei Simonov designed in 1943. This rifle was developed to combat the world’s first proper assault rifle, the German Sturmgewehr 44. The SKS rifle was used in the Red Army as a primary firearm until the iconic AK-47 replaced it in the 1950s.

The SKS can still be found being used by both the Russian honor guards and the Chinese today. You can see this rifle being used in almost every major war since its inception. Korea and Vietnam are even using it. 

The internal system of the SKS itself is a primary weapon system with almost no flair. However, it is a mighty and well-built weapon that is easy to operate. A Bayonet system is integrated and attached by a hinged connection under the barrel. This can either be stored or folded out according to the user. A great constructed weapon also means it won’t require a lot of time to field-strip or replace parts, clean, or repair.

The SKS rifle has also been manufactured by China as Type 56, in Yugoslavia as the M59, in former East Germany as the Karabiner-S, and North Korea as the Type 63. While all of these different iterations of the same weapon have been manufactured by other Countries, the basic construction and components of the base soviet SKS are all maintained.

Buying Guide for Best SKS Rifle Scope

When purchasing a scope for any type of rifle, a certain amount of research is required. Only then will you be able to make an informed decision. There should be certain factors on your priority list. These factors would determine which scope you will buy.

The following factors are what you should be looking for when buying a riflescope for your SKS rifle:

1. Magnification

An SKS rifle does not offer much in the range department. Therefore, using any type of high-powered magnification scope will be a waste of money. It would be useless if you could see a target from 300 yards away but could only hit a target reliably from 150 yards.

You will need to get a short or medium-range scope that works best with an SKS rifle. We recommend finding one that offers a magnification of 3x or 6x. It should also include a red dot reticle which can acquire targets much quicker.

2. Objective Lens

An objective lens is located at the front of the scope. It allows light to enter, which in turn gives you a clear picture of your target. The larger the objective lens is, it can gather more light to provide a better image. However, the larger the size of the objective lens, the heavier it gets.

If you get a scope with an objective lens of 50mm, you will get a clear picture. However, due to the large size of the objective lens, it will be heavier to carry around. Additionally, it will also make it difficult to aim.

3. Reticle

A reticle is the image of lines inside the scope that helps the user adjust their aim. There are many different types of reticles available on the market today. All of which have other uses and applications. For an SKS rifle, a simple red dot reticle would be best for short-range shooting. A Duplex crosshair reticle would also work well for medium-range shooting.

The red dot reticle is considered the best for short-range shooting. This is because you do not have to make any adjustments whatsoever. You can just place the red dot on your target and pull the trigger. However, with a duplex reticle, you will have to make adjustments for windage and bullet drop before you can remove the trigger.

4. Durability

Durability is one of the most critical factors that need to be considered when buying a scope. The build needs to be durable enough to withstand accidental drops and unfavorable weather conditions and still help you aim accurately.

It should also be weatherproof. This means that it can withstand moisture or dirt, which could get inside your scope and blur your vision. Most scopes these days come prefilled with an inert gas. This inert gas is usually nitrogen that prevents fogging of the lenses.

5. Eye Relief

Eye relief on a scope is the safe distance between the scope and your eye. This is an essential factor. When taking a shot, your rifle can exert a heavy amount of recoil, which could harm your vision. There have been many incidents where shooters have reportedly broken and shattered their eye sockets or the bridge of their noses due to recoil from their weapons. You will need to make sure the scope you’re buying has an ample amount of eye relief. So, you can avoid any injuries.

6. Lens Coating

There are very few scopes on the market today that do not offer anti-glare or anti-reflection coating on the lenses. A coated lens will not only provide a better image but will also prevent any image distortion that could prevent you from shooting your target accurately.

This coating also offers anti-reflective properties. This means that the light will not reflect your lens and give away your location to the target. The film on the lenses absorbs the excess light and only provides the right amount of light to enter the scope’s tube.

Best Scopes for SKS Rifles

Now that you know what to look for in an SKS riflescope let’s list and review the top 5 best scopes for SKS rifles.

1. UTG 3-9X32 1’’ BugBuster

This scope is manufactured to be compact while also offering many benefits and features. Not only is this scope compact, but it can withstand many harsh weather environments and vagaries that come with hunting in unfavorable weather and climate conditions. It provides an ample amount of eye relief, too, which will make it a lot easier for beginners and novice hunters.

Further promoting its user-friendliness, it also offers smooth adjustments when rotating the magnification ring. It offers multi-coated lenses that provide a nice crisp and clear image and also aids in the transmission of light.

All in all, this scope is an excellent choice for beginners who are just getting into hunting and wish to purchase a scope that will provide ease of use and some great features.

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2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7×32

One thing that is generally recognized as impressive in the Vortex Optics Crossfire II scope is its single-piece tub construction based on aircraft-grade material. Such material will allow the scope to boost its shockproof performance as well as its overall strength.

The tube in this scope is also nitrogen-filled, and the O-ring is also sealed, which makes this scope a great contender in terms of strength and build quality. This scope is completely shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof.

Additionally, it also offers a multi-coated lens that is anti-reflective, providing clear visuals to the user. But it will also offer anti-reflection, which will allow the user to shoot their targets without the chance of getting spotted.

If all that is not enough, this scope also provides a generous amount of eye relief. With 9.45 inches of eye relief, you can be confident that you will not be injured if your weapon has a heavy amount of recoil.

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3. Pinty 3-9X40 Red Green Rangefinder Scope

This scope is another excellent choice. It provides magnification from 3x up to 9x. This magnification also comes with an achromatic eyepiece. This eyepiece is constructed in such a way that it prevents aberrations in the images. It can also be considered a high-quality scope for SKS 5.56mm. This is because of its ability to offer the ultimate solution when speaking of reticle clarity.

It also offers five different brightness adjustments, which will help the user to adjust the reticle setting based on their preference. Additionally, this will also provide better visuals during the nighttime.

The Pinty 3-9×40 also provides an illuminated reticle that will provide better accuracy in low light conditions and ensure accuracy with long-range shooting and mid-range shooting.

This riflescope is also water and fog-proof due to its nitrogen-filled and O-ring-sealed nature.

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4. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8×24 Scope

This riflescope is known for its versatility and power. It is constructed with a 30 mm tube which offers a magnification range from 1x up to 8x. If you want the accuracy and speed of the target aim, then this range is ideal for you.

This SKS riflescope is an ideal option due to its versatile and diverse reflex sight. The Vortex Optics Strike Eagle is arguably one of the best choices for SKS rifles due to its eleven levels of brightness power. You can use this option for tactical hunting or shooting regardless of the weather situation.

Along with being versatile and diverse, this scope is also very durable. It can withstand the harshest weather conditions and rigors due to its shockproof, fog-proof, and waterproof nature.

It also provides fully multi-coated lenses, which enhance the transmission of light.

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5. Sightmark SM26005 Ultra Shot M-Spec Reflex Sight

This riflescopes versatility is one of its most impressive qualities. It can adapt to any hunting and shooting environment. A heavy-duty military spec cast magnesium alloy is used to construct this scope.

This not only makes it sturdy enough to withstand a heavy amount of recoil but also makes it submersible under 40 feet of water. This is primarily due to its IP68 waterproof rating. However, you look at it, and this scope is an excellent contender for heavy-duty and well-built scopes in the market today.

This scope also provides a reflex sight that can last upwards of one thousand hours due to its long-lasting battery. You can easily use this feature due to its auto-on/off motion sensing technology.

It has multiple brightness settings, reticle options, and digital switch controls as well.

With all that said, we can certainly speak for sure that this scope can accommodate whatever environment you choose to use it in.

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Scopes and History of Hunting

Many individuals who enjoy hunting as a hobby will testify that hunting gives them a sense of tranquility. An oneness with nature that they previously had lacked. They call it the thrill of the hunt—the thrill of finding your target. 

You are scouting your target and remaining hidden in nature until you find an opening. Feasting on the meat of the animal you shot with your own hands. All of this makes a hunter feel like an active participant in nature rather than being just a spectator.

Besides being a great hobby, hunting can also aid many individuals dealing with mental disorders and illnesses. Many studies have shown hunting to be a very therapeutic hobby for individuals dealing with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders.

This is why if you want to enhance your hunting experience, then having suitable scopes is the stepping stone for it. A good scope can promote your overall safety by helping you maintain a safe distance and increase your chances of finding the reward.

Even if you like to go hunting, the chances are that you were not familiar with the type of scopes for SKS in the market. Thus, we hope you are now aware of the options you have in-store and how they can better your hunts.


The SKS rifle is one of the most reliable and cheapest rifles out on the market right now. Not only is the gun itself affordable, but it also requires relatively inexpensive ammunition. Now the only thing you will need is a scope to go with it.

In conclusion, all the products mentioned in this article are a great choice and would go well with an SKS rifle. But knowing what to look for and deciding what you want from a scope can go a long way if you plan on hunting frequently.

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