UTG Scope Reviews – Best UTG Optics

If you are looking for good quality yet, affordable optics, you can’t go wrong with UTG scopes. These scopes integrate a well rounded premium construction not only on their housing but, their optical lenses as well. Available in a wide selection of options, the scopes cater to a wide range of needs whether you want a scope for long range hunting or target shooting.

Additionally, they feature a proprietary EZ-TAP Illumination System which enhances their color/brightness option to allow you to use them even in extremely low light conditions. So, check out the UTG scopes reviews below to find the ultimate option for your needs.

1. UTG 3-9X32 1″ BugBuster Scope

The UTG 3-9×32 1” BugBuster Scope is built a mil-dot reticle to accommodate efficient aiming and shooting performance. The military-style mil-dot reticle is ideally designed to allow for easy range estimations in the outdoors as it uses the crosshairs across it to give you aiming precision.

Furthermore, the scope integrates a large field of view which allows for a wide angle whilst its eye relief promotes optimal critical CQB. Its optical lens is finished with an emerald coating to facilitate light transmission for increased clarity.

To complement this function is the Innovative EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing System which gives you the option of the traditional dual red/green color mode and the multi-colored mode with a choice of up to 36 color options to cater to a wide range of lighting and weather conditions. The single-click high tech illumination technology on the other end offers a memory feature that gives you the desired color/brightness with just a single clock.

It also features premium lockable and zero resettable turrets for precision adjustments with ¼ MOA per click adjustment. The lockable design allows you to prevent accidental adjustments. Furthermore, the scope is designed with an adjustable objective from 3 yards to infinity for a parallax correction.

The aluminum constructed single tube scope is completely sealed and nitrogen filled for a rainproof, shockproof, and fog proof performance. Its 2-inch built-in sunshade and flip-open lens caps further protect the lens from sun glare. The lock quick detachable rings on the other end make mounting a breeze.


  • Large field of view
  • Generous eye relief for easy target acquisition
  • Range finding mi-dot reticle
  • 2-inch built-in sunshade and flip-open lens for sun glare protection
  • 1-click high tech illumination memory feature to a quick return to the least color/brightness settings
  • Adjustable parallax correction from 3 yards to infinity


  • Features a smaller 1-inch tube construction

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2. UTG 4-16X50 1″ Hunter Scope

If you are looking for the varmint and predator hunting riflescope, the UTG 4-16×50 1” Hunter Scope is what you need. Built with a 4-16x power magnification, the riflescope boasts a generous range of up to 400 yards. Its larger 50mm objective glass lens on the other end facilitates increased light transmission which, in turn, allows for better image clarity, contrast, and brightness.

Furthermore, the scope’s aluminum tube is completely sealed to give it a rainproof and shockproof performance to withstand the harsh outdoors. Its nitrogen filling prevents moisture build up in the interior during rapid temperature changes for a fog proof finish.

Whether you are hunting during dusk or dawn, this scope works in your favor thanks to its EZ-TAP illumination Enhancing system that is packed with dual color mode and multi-color mode with up to 36 color options that allow it to adapt to a wide selection of weather and lighting conditions.

On the scope housing, you will find 2 soft control buttons that allow you to switch between red light, green light, or return to black reticle with no light. The buttons feature a naturally smooth and quick reach hand/finger-friendly design for an easy setting.

The scope is also fitted with a military-style mil-dot reticle which provides superior range estimating functions for aiming and shooting performance. To ensure secure mounting, the UTG scope comes with high profile maximum strength QD twist-lock Picatinny and Weaver rings.


  • 50mm objective lens for increased light transmission and crystal clear images
  • 4-16x covers a range of up to 400 yards to make it perfect for varmint/predator hunting
  • Emerald lens coating for maximum light transmission
  • Mild-dot reticle for superior range estimating performance
  • Comes with twist-lock Picatinny and Weaver mounting rings
  • Integrated 3-inch sunshade and flip-open lens caps


  • Issues with accuracy at high magnifications

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3. UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope

If your hunting plans include a lot of hiking through the brush and forage, the UTG 3-12×44 30mm Compact Scope is a perfect scope riflescope option. The compact and lightweight build allows you to carry the scope for long distances and in harsh conditions without weighing you down.

Whilst the scope is compact and lightweight, it still delivers excellent durability and performance. In fact, it integrates a special circuit design with a powerful housing to allow for consistent illumination even under heavy recoil.

The scope features a true strength platform with a smart spherical structure that effortlessly controls the joint-like connection between the inner and outer tube which ensures a smooth and synergized mechanism. Furthermore, the fully sealed and nitrogen filled aluminum tube boasts a side wheel adjustable turret (SWAT) which offers an unmatched parallax free view from 10 yards to infinity.

If you want to enjoy finer adjustments, you can even invest in a compatible separately sold larger side wheel. Its premium lockable and resettable turrets provide precise windage and elevation adjustments whilst the locking mechanism prevents accidental adjustments.

Additionally, for full performance-enhancing functions, the scope is designed with a mil-dot reticle that includes 19 aiming points for even better aiming and shooting accuracy. The EZ-TAP Illumination Enhancing System on the other end allows you to use the scope in different lighting and weather conditions.


  • Increased aiming points on the reticle for better aiming and shooting accuracy
  • Comes with quick detach lockable Picatinny and weaver mounting rings and rails
  • SWAT for parallax adjustment from 10 yards to infinity
  • Premium lockable and resettable turrets for precise elevation/windage adjustments
  • True strength platform with a smart spherical structure for added durability
  • Compact and lightweight for easy travel


  • The reticle is a little too thick

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4. UTG 3-12X44 30mm Scope

Built with a 30mm aluminum tube, the UTG 3-12×44 30mm scope is heavier than its 1-inch tube counterparts. However, it is also larger and stronger; giving it a long lasting finish that can withstand the harshest outdoor knocks.

Its large design allows more room for elevation and promotes increased light transmission for clearer image viewing. Its 44mm emerald multi-coated lens on the other end complements its larger tube for even more light transmission.

Its wide 3-12x magnification power on the other end allows for a wide variety of targeting and shooting applications – covering a range of up to 100 yards. This makes the scope perfect for short to long shooting. Furthermore, the riflescope is designed with a generous field of view of up to 34 inches per 100 yards.

To allow easy and quick target acquisition, the scope is also built with a generously long eye relief at up to 3.3 inches. Thanks to this long eye relief, you will also enjoy great protection from eye fatigue and injury that may be caused by the impact from heavy recoil. Additionally, the mil-dot reticle scope is also designed with the dual color and multicolor mode system to allow you to use it even in low light conditions.

Its single-piece scope tube on the other end seals all potential gaps and is filled with nitrogen for a rainproof, shockproof, and fog proof finish. Its lockable and resettable turrets with 0.25 clicks allow for precision adjustments They are also complemented with a single click memory function that allows you to return to your favorite color/brightness with ease.


  • Larger and stronger 30mm aluminum, tube construction
  • 30mm tube allows for increased light transmission and image clarity and brightness
  • 44mm objective lenses accommodate more light distribution
  • 3-12x magnification accommodates short- and long-range shooting applications
  • Tactical edged integrated sunshade for anti-glare protection
  • SWAT for parallax-free viewing from 10 yards to infinity


  • Issues with holding zero sometimes

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5. UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope

Built with a wide zooming range of 4-16x, the UTG 4-16×44 30mm Scope delivers incredible range coverage and brightness for varmint and predator hunting. To make adjustments easy on the go, the scope is fitted with a Quick Power Selector Ring so you don’t have to change your positions or struggle to adjust the range during shooting.

Its single click technology on the other end provides you quick access to your desired color/brightness. In fact, the scope comes with the EZ-TAP Illumination enhancing System which gives you a choice of dual color or multi-color modes.

Furthermore, the scope is fitted with premium zero lockable and zero resettable turrets for accurate windage and elevation adjustments. The turrets offer precise ¼ MOA clicks. The side wheel adjustment turret on the other end allows you to enjoy a parallax-free viewing from 10 yards to infinity.

Its mil-dot reticle design allows for effortless range estimations and is complemented with the 44mm large lens size which improves overall image clarity and brightness even in low light conditions. Its generously sized eye relief allows for optimally quick target acquisition whilst providing ample protection from eye fatigue and injuries from recoil.

To ensure secure and stable mounting, the scope comes with maximum strength twist-lock Picatinny and Weaver rings. The scope also comes with an integrated sunshade and lens caps for extra protection when not in use.


  • Quick power selector ring for easy magnification adjustment
  • Large 44mm objective lenses for added light transmission and image clarity
  • Comes with easy-to-lock Picatinny and Weaver rings
  • Long eye relief from quick target acquisition and eye protection
  • Emerald lens multi-coating for better viewing and durability
  • Stronger and larger 30mm tube for added image clarity


  • The mil-dots are a bit small

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Who Makes UTG Scopes?

UTG scopes are manufactured under the Leapers brand. The Leapers brand is a US based brand launched in 2009.

Where Are UTG Scopes Made?

UTG scopes are designed and developed in Livonia, Michigan in the USA. In addition to scopes, the brand also makes scope rings, mounting systems, stocks, buffer tubes, and handguards.

Are UTG Scopes Any Good?

Yes, UTG scopes are very good. These scopes come with the advantage of being affordable whilst maintaining great quality. In fact, they are amongst the best affordable riflescopes. Most of them are designed with a special illumination technology that improves image brightness and clarity even when used in low light conditions.

Do I Need to Pick a Specific Scope Length?

Not really. Whilst the best UTG scopes come with lengths ranging from 7 inches to 15 inches; their length doesn’t determine their performance. Instead, you want to focus on the magnification power to decide whether or not the scope is right for you.

Do I Need to Invest in a Mount?

No, the best UTG scopes come with pre-packed mounting rings for easy mounting on a rifle. Additionally, they are also designed with adjustable elevation settings to ensure they offer accurate functions; making it easy to use them without needing a mount.

What Is the Benefit of a Compact Scope?

Compact riflescopes come with a heap of benefits. For one, they are super light which makes them perfect for those who will be trekking and hiking for their shooting. The compact and lightweight build also makes them easier to handle. Their small size gives them great versatility; allowing you to mount them on rifles, submachine guns, handguns, and archery equipment.

Why Do I Need a Riflescope?

A good quality scope allows you to easily acquire your target thus, making to easier to learn and master shooting. Optics can also be used to magnify a target to make it easier for the shooter to see them with more precision.

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