Vortex Viper Review – the Ultimate High Powered Long Range Riflescope

For hunters looking for a riflescope with more kick to complement their firepower – the Vortex Viper 6.5-20×50 PA riflescope may simply be the answer. This Vortex Viper review breaks down the scope in detail so you can find out just what it offers.

A Vortex Viper riflescope delivers incredible versatility and performance to accommodate a wide range of long range shooting applications. Combining the superior vortex construction, easily adjustable reticle designs, and light powered lens, the Vortex Viper riflescope is certainly worth the investment.

Vortex Viper 6.5-20×50 PA Review in Brief

If you are looking for a riflescope that can survive the rough outdoors, then the Vortex Viper is what you need. Its rugged aircraft aluminum construction doesn’t only withstand rough terrains; but, it is also built to survive any weather or light conditions. Whilst the scope maintains a super rugged build, it is still quite lightweight.

This means that people who plan to hike or trek during their target shooting or hunting adventure don’t have to worry about handling heavy and bulky gear. Furthermore, the scope’s adequate range allows for both short and long range applications.

Plus, the riflescope comes with a choice of two reticle types so you can pick the right option for the environment you wish to operate in. Impressed, yet? Well, this doesn’t even cover half of what the Vortex Viper riflescope offers. Stick around to find out more about just how far the scope will go in this Vortex Viper review.


  • 6.5X – 20X magnification power
  • 50mm objective lens
  • 30mm single tube
  • 3.1-inch eye relief
  • 17.4-6.2 feet/100 yards field of view
  • Tall capped turret style
  • 65 MOA max. elevation and windage adjustment

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The Vortex Viper riflescope is constructed from a 30mm aircraft-grade single tube. The single tube construction offers thicker walls that enhance the scope’s strength and durability. Furthermore, this design slightly increases the size of internal lenses for increased optical performance. Additionally, thanks to this 30mm tube construction, you will enjoy better room for elevation adjustment and an increased depth of field at a higher magnification.

The single-piece tube simply maximizes alignment for increased accuracy and optimum visual performance. Whilst it maintains a high tensile and rigid construction, the scope is still light, weighing only 16.6 ounces. For full waterproof performance, the tube features O-rings that seal it to prevent moisture, dust, and debris from penetrating it.

Furthermore, the tube is filled with argon gas to prevent internal fogging due to rapid temperature changes. Its rugged construction withstands even the heaviest recoils from powerful firearms. Living up to its practical construction and design, the riflescope features a durable hard-anodized hard coat with a low glare matte finish to prevent from spooking your target.

Lenses & Reticle

Built with a 50mm lens, the riflescope allows for adequate light transmission to guarantee image brightness, clarity, sharpness, and high contrast. Featuring patented extra low dispersion XD lens elements, you will receive better image resolution and color fidelity for even better image sharpness and crispiness.

The proprietary XR fully multi-lens coating further increases light transmission whilst delivering anti-reflective functions on all air-to-glass surfaces. A patented ArmorTek ultra hard and scratch-resistant coating protects the exterior side of the lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt.

When it comes to the reticles, you can opt for dead hold BDC or Mil-dot reticle types. The dead hold BDC reticle features a custom design that eliminates guessing on hold over and windage corrections. This design makes the dead hold BDC reticle perfect for hunting and shooting at varying ranges where holdover is a concern.

The mil-dot reticle is favored for its range estimation qualities. Originating from the US marine corps, this reticle doesn’t only help to estimate range easily but does the same for windage and bullet holdover; making it perfect for long distance shooters and hunters that need ranging ability.

Parallax and Magnification

The riflescope features a magnification power range of 6.5X to 20X whilst its parallax setting ranges from 50 yards to infinity. This range makes the scope perfect for long range applications. However, at magnifications beyond 10X, you will begin to experience optical distortions as the parallax begins to displace.

Yet, to reduce the effects of parallax distortions, the scope is fitted with a side parallax knob. Using this knob, you can easily and quickly adjust the parallax with range numbers visible whilst in the shooting position.

Using the MAG bar, you can swiftly and easily make changes to magnification. The Precision Glide Erector system ensures the components in the zoom lens mechanism glide smoothly through all magnification ranges.

Eye Relief and Eye Box

Furthermore, the riflescope features a long eye relief to allow you to use the scope for long periods without any fatigue. Additionally, the long eye relief design protects you against heavy recoils. The ultra forgiving eye box allows you to quickly acquire your target. The fast focus eyepiece design allows for quick and easy reticle focusing.

Elevation and Windage Knobs

The riflescope features a maximum of 65 MOA elevation and windage adjustment. Pop up dials are also fitted to the barrel for easy and convenient elevation and windage adjustments. the audible MOA clicks allow you to achieve precise adjustments.


  • Designed for long range, predator/varmint, and target applications
  • Illuminated reticle for increased image clarity and brightness in low light conditions
  • Turrets units match the reticle units for enhances convenience
  • The Precision Force Spring system features premium components for maximum repeatability and ease of adjustment
  • Capped turrets design allows for quick readjustment of the turrets to zero after sighting in
  • The turret caps offer extra protection
  • Holds zero through all conditions
  • The unique ViewMag adjustments allow you to make rapid power adjustments without taking your eye off the target
  • Long battery duration of up to 180 hours


  • Doesn’t perform well at short range
  • When magnification is set at a maximum level, the 3.1-inch relief doesn’t offer the best relief
  • The focus knob may be somewhat difficult to use with the flip up caps

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Vortex Viper Review Conclusion

If you intended to have a power packed shooting adventure, the Vortex Viper riflescope is definitely worth having with you. What makes this riflescope special is its incredible operating power and long range functionality. It’s not that easy to find a relatively affordable long range scope that maintains high quality images.

To match the power of firearms you intend to pair it with, the scope offers excellent eye relief; allowing you to go all day long without an inch of fatigue. Plus, it’s ultralight construction makes handling it a breeze – whether you have to trek through the woods or handle it on your rifle when surveilling a coyote. So, for your target shooting, hunting, and any other long range applications, add the Vortex Viper to your gear list!

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