Vortex Viper vs Razor – which Spotting Scope Is Better?

Good quality spotting scopes are built with exceptional quality and performance. However, when it comes to choosing the best spotting scope for your needs, it can be quite a challenge. That is why we’ve decided to share this Vortex Viper vs Razor comparison to help you find the perfect choice.

As angled spotters, both the Vortex Viper and Razor boast a user-friendly construction with a shorter tripod height; allowing you to comfortably use them at any angle. These two scopes also come in straight spotter styles, which boasts their benefits – amongst them being quick target acquisition.

Nevertheless, you must really dig deep into each of their features to find out what makes each spotting scope stand out – only then will you be able to find the perfect spotting scope to cater to your needs. So, check out this Vortex Viper vs Razor comparison to find out which one is for you.

Vortex Viper

Amongst the best spotting scopes, the Vortex Viper doesn’t miss out. This spotter integrates an HD glass lens construction that delivers exceptional sighting whilst maintaining a high tensile body that withstands the roughest knocks from the harsh outdoors. Yet, it still places well on the low-end price band to give you great value for your money.


Style: Angled or straight
Lens size: 65mm or 85mm
Magnification power: 15-45x or 20-65x
Close focus: 23’ or 36’
Eye relief: 17.8 – 19.6mm
Field of view/100 yards: 136.5’ – 67.8’ or 101’ – 50’
Weight: 58.8 – 76.6 ounces
Length: 14 – 17.5 inches


The Vortex Viper spotting scope features an O-ring fully sealed tube construction which prevents moisture build up in the interior whilst keeping dust and other elements out as well. This sealed construction gives the spotting scope a fully waterproof finish – allowing it to withstand damage from rain and even submersion in shallow water. This scope has the same consistent premium waterproofing as the Vortex Diamondback that we reviewed earlier.

Additionally, the interior is filled with argon gas to prevent internal fogging caused by rapid temperature changes. A patented ArmorTek coating on the other end protects the exterior side of the lens from scratches, oil, and even dirt. The lenses are also built with a Porro Prism design which enhances their field depth and their field of view to deliver a superior 3D image.

The spotting scope comes in two styles, you can choose between the angled option or the straight body option. The angled option facilitates lower mounting which gives the scope optimal stability even during windy days. For those looking for comfort when they use the scope for extended periods, the angled option is an excellent choice.

However, you also want to pair it with a lighter and smaller tripod. Alternatively, if you want to enjoy quicker target acquisition and ease of use, the straight scope option is a better choice. However, this scope type is best when used with car window mounts.

Each spotting scope comes with a free protective case and a lens cover to protect the lenses from scratches, dirt and shatters, when not in use.


For both straight and angled styles, the Vortex Viper offers a choice of an 85mm or 65mm lens size. If you want to enjoy better image clarity and brightness along with a wider field of view, you want to opt for the larger 85mm lens size. This is because the larger lens size promotes increased light gathering.

However, with the larger 85mm lens size, you will have to compromise when it comes to weight – the 85mm spotter weighs around 76 ounces whilst 65mm spotters weigh only 58 ounces. Furthermore, the Vortex Viper lenses are made from premium extra low dispersion glass which accounts for their enhanced resolution and color fidelity which, in turn, offer high-definition images.

The lens also features a patented XR fully multi-coating which further enhances light transmission whilst the anti-reflective coating on the air-to-glass surfaces prevents glare. Their multi-layered Porro prism coatings also boast brighter, clearer, and color accurate sighting.

Magnification Power

The Vortex Viper is built with a choice of two magnification power, i.e., 15-45x or 20-65x. The former magnification range enhances its versatility; allowing you to use it for a cross section of long range applications. Similarly, the 20-65x range draws in more light even at high magnifications; facilitating better image resolutions and clarity at long distances.


The Vortex Viper scopes are designed with a removable eyepiece as well. To fit it on the spotting scope, simply match its white line with the white dot on the bayonet fitting. Then, insert it into the body and rotate it clockwise until it clicks.

With an eye relief of between 17.8mm and 19.6mm, the spotting scope allows for ultra easy target acquisition. In fact, the long eye relief makes the scope perfect for people who wear glasses. Additionally, the angled spotting scope type comes with a tripod mounting collar that allows you to rotate the body for a flexible viewing angle.

Other Features

Vortex Viper scopes integrate a smooth helical focus which accurately sharpens your image and maintains a trim profile for easy viewing. They also integrate a built-in sunshade which helps to tackle glare from the sun. Additionally, the integrated sunshade protects the objective lens from mechanical damage and leaves it clean of fingerprints and precipitation.


  • Ideal for long range big game hunting
  • Available in a choice of two lens sizes and magnification ranges
  • Integrated extendable sunshade to keep out glare and rain
  • Helical focus facilitates quick and fine adjustments
  • Adjustable eyecups for comfortable viewing with or without your glasses
  • You can choose between angled and straight style
  • Built on Picatinny rails so you can mount on any accessory
  • Budget-friendly scopes


  • A little too large. If you need a smaller and more lightweight spotting scope, the Bushnell Trophy Xtreme scope might be more to your taste

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Vortex Razor

The Vortex Razor HD spotting scope comes with a wider variety of options. The spotting scope is available on both angled and straight options However, they also boast a perfect balance between lens sizes and magnification range – ensuring that you get what you want – whether it’s a scope for long range hunting or birdwatching.


Style: Angled or straight
Lens size: 50mm, 65mm or 85mm
Magnification power: 11-33x, 22-48x, or 27-60
Close focus: 66’, 26.2’ or 16.4’
Eye relief: 16 – 19mm or 16.7 – 17mm
Field of view/100 yards: 191’ – 96, 138’ – 84’ or 117’ – 68’
Weight: 25 – 65.6 ounces
Length: 11 – 15.5 inches


Similar to the Vortex Viper, the Razor HD spotting scope is built with a high tensile aircraft-grade aluminum tube. However, it boasts a lighter body; weighing between 25 and 65.6 ounces based on the lens size. Additionally, the scope body is fully sealed with O-rings to minimize gaps for a waterproof finish.

The fully sealed profile also prevents debris and dirt from penetrating the interior. The scope tube is further filled with argon to prevent interior moisture build up for a fog proof performance – even if you find yourself using the scope during dusk or dawn when there are extremely rapid temperature changes. For extra protection from elements in the outdoors, the scope integrates an ArmorTrex scratch-resistant coating on the exterior Lens.

The scratch-free coating helps to repel oil and dirt as well. Additionally, the spotting scope is molded with exterior rubber armor. Thanks to this design, handling the scope even in the harshest conditions will be easy whilst the rubber material offers adequate protection for long lasting durability.

The spotting scope comes in a choice of angled or straight style across all the sizes – meaning that the scope gives you 6 options to choose from. For protection when the scope is not in use, you will receive a free fitted see-through neoprene carrying case and an objective lens cover to protect the lenses.


The Vortex Razor HD scope comes with a choice of three lens sizes to pick from, i.e., 50,65, and 85. The Razor HD comes with the addition of a 50mm lens size which the Vortex Viper lacks. With the 50mm lens size, you will be able to enjoy short range viewing such as birdwatching.

After all, the 50mm scopes come with a longer eye relief for added comfort for prolonged periods. Similar to the Viper scope, the Vortex Razor HD spotting scope features a Porro prism design which helps to improve its depth of field and field of view. This design is what delivers the 3D images you see through the scope.

The scope’s HD lenses integrate premium extra low glass material which maintains excellent resolution and color fidelity for high definition images. Additionally, the lenses integrate a proprietary XR plus full coating with anti-reflective functions for maximum light transmission and image clarity even in low light conditions.

To reinforce the lens coating, Plasma Tech technology enhances its durability and performance. The APO system on the other end delivers index-matched color correction across the entire visual spectrum for true color sighting.

Magnification Power

The Vortex Razor HD spotting scope comes with a choice of three HD magnification ranges, i.e., 11-33x, 22-48x, or 27-60. It all depends on what you need to do. Whilst the two latter ranges accommodate long range applications.

The 11-33x range comes in handy in short range applications – think of it as a full pair of binoculars. This range is perfect for looking for your target game or even bird watching. At a range of 11-33x, the Razor HD scope offers the best power for uses such as birdwatching – after all, at higher magnifications, your view is distorted by heat shimmers ad vibrations.


The Vortex Razor HD spotting scope is built with a smooth eye cup that cuts off any side light; allowing you to focus on your target with more precision and clarity. It also features a dual focus system, at the rear part and fine adjustments at the front, which makes focusing easy and convenient.

Additionally, the scope boasts generous eye relief which allows you to go for hours without having to suffer from eye fatigue or strain. The Vortex Razor HD is also built with a wide viewing field – allowing you to easily scan for your target game whilst maintaining enough magnification range to focus on the target once found.

Other Features

For guaranteed comfortable viewing, the Vortex Razor HD features an adjustable eyecup design. The adjustable eyecups allow you to twist them up and down for convenient viewing – whether you have glasses or not. A dual focus dial on the other end allows for faster, convenient, and finer adjustments.


  • Available in a choice of three lens sizes and magnification ranges
  • Can be used for short- or long-range applications
  • A significantly lighter and smaller body
  • Index matched lens design ensures accurate color across the entire visual spectrum
  • Plasma Tech reinforcement for durable and high performance lens coating
  • Available n straight and angled option
  • Generous eye relief for prolonged comfortable use
  • Built-in sunshade to keep the glare out


  • The housing is not low temperature friendly

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Final Verdict – Vortex Viper vs Razor

When looking at the Vortex Viper vs Razor comparison, both spotting scopes come with their advantages. For one, each scope boasts impressive HD quality lenses that offer bright and clear images. Additionally, available in a choice of angled and straight scope style, the scopes offer an adequate lens size and magnification power options.

However, each spotter comes with its uniqueness as well. Sure, the Vortex Viper offers a superior quality scope option for long range applications. Yet, if you want to explore short range viewing, the Vortex Razor is a better option.

Furthermore, the Razor spotting scope comes with a lighter and smaller body which makes it perfect for travel. Nevertheless, if you want a highly rugged scope to withstand abuse from the outdoors, the Viper is a better option. Therefore, when choosing the right spotting scope to go for in this Vortex Viper vs Razor comparison, you want to consider your needs and the environment you will be in.

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