Where Are Hawke Scopes Made

Hawke Scopes are excellent optics for your rifles. They are well built and comes in various models that are specifically built for several purposes. Hence, it’s no wonder that you might be wondering where your scope has been made. 

Assuming that is your question and you’re looking for the answer, let’s dive straight and find out all you need to know about where Hawke scopes are made.

So, Where Are Hawke Scopes Made?

Hawke is a company based in the United Kingdom and has a presence in over 60 countries. They build some of the finest optics for your rifles and then export them all over the world. 

These scopes are built with precision, have a robust build quality that helps them stand out as a critical component of your rifle. 

Most of the older scopes were first made in Japan and then imported accordingly. In contrast, nowadays, most of the scopes that Hawke produces comes from China. Hence, if you want to buy one, expect to see a made-in-China scope. 

However, rest assured that you will receive the best quality, and you can visit the Hawke page linked here.

Are Hawke Scopes Safe to Use?

The older Japanese Hawke scopes were built with Japanese components and used Japanese glass. They weren’t just Chinese components assembled in Japan and had all the quality components. 

However, the Chinese scopes that you find today are also well built and come at an affordable price tag. This helps the consumers select from a variety of scopes and have better options. The strict in-house quality control that Hawke Optics has is profound. It also offers a lifetime warranty as a testament to the quality of its products. 

Hawke is a reliable company that delivers over 120 different rifle scopes in various product ranges with a tonne of experience. It also makes sure that all of their scopes are safe to use, and hence, you can’t go wrong with Hawke.

Here is a list of all the scopes that Hawke makes:

Armex Scopes –  Designed for Airgunners, these scopes feature H2 optics to fit various configurations. It comes in First Focal Plane (FFP) and Second Focal Plane (SFP) choices.

 Frontier Scopes – Suited for rifle shooting and hunting applications. These scopes are modeled for magnification and have various reticle designs. They also have H7 optics that provide a high zoom ratio, excellent clarity, and light transmission.

 Sidewinder Scopes – The best of the best scopes. This lineup features high-performance, multi-discipline models and has parallax-free shooting from 9 meters. An index-matched rangefinding side wheel also assists it making it superb for every situation.

 Vantage Scopes – This extensive range of high-performance scopes are made to fit all calibers and disciplines. It features H2 optics with various models making it perfect for slug guns.

 Air Rifle Scopes – The jack of all scopes. These are meant to fit all rifles and deliver an excellent experience with shooting. It features various builds with different reticles for better compatibility across all your rifles.


1. Are Hawke scopes any good?

Yes, Hawke produces some of the best scopes and optics for your rifles. Hence, the reliable build quality and performance make that a great contender for many people. So, rest assured that you would get a great scope from Hawke. Also, if you need the best, then we recommend looking at the Eclipse lineup.

2. Where is Hawke spotting scopes made?

Hawke produces most of their scopes in China and then imports them to the US or other countries. The scopes are built with precision and robust build quality, making them excellent for your rifles and outdoor use.

3. What is a Sidewinder scope?

A Sidewinder scope from Hawke is a high-performance scope for your rifle. It is a multi-discipline scope with parallax-free shooting from 9 meters. It is also assisted by an index range finding side wheel making it superb for aiming.

4. What is Hawke fast mount?

 The Hawke fast mount is a 25mm tube scope with 11 layers of fully multi-coated optics that helps with clarity. It is also adjustable and provides easy access to parallax correction. Hence, these are perfect for users that need a quick adjustable scope for their rifles.

So Are Hawke Scopes Any Good?

Looking at the quality and the experience Hawke has with making rifle scopes. We can say the scopes from Hawke are outstanding. They are hard to beat and are one of the best for build quality, precision, accuracy, and price.

So, if you’re looking to buy a scope for your rifle, get yourself a Hawke scope for your rifle. Rest assured, as you’ll get an excellent experience with shooting some targets.

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