Who Makes Hammers Scopes

There are several factors that a hunter should consider before choosing any riflescope for their hunting trip. One of the most important decisions they will make is which riflescope to use on their rifle. Hence, most hunters prefer a riflescope with a lighted reticle that they can focus on in all light levels.

Hammers Production and Design Facilities

There is no doubt that the design of rifle scopes has historically been of American and European origin. However, did you know? Because of the production facilities and cheap labor, customers have always accomplished their desires with the products coming from the Asian market. Nevertheless, you must be wondering what their Asian origin is? The answer is that most of the optics that Hammers produce are coming from the following three facilities in China, especially in the southern pearl river delta region of Guangzhou and Shenzhen. However, they also manufacture some of their products from Chongqing municipality.

What Is Special About Hammers Scope?

The company designs rifle scopes with two great features. First, their optics quality is inevitably top-end. Additionally, their products are great for target shooting and hunting. Besides, they produce rifle scopes that seem suitable for use in the field and when shooting multiple objects. However, the highlight of hammers scopes has to be their unique and enticing design features. 

Highlights of Hammers Scope

According to experts, these are three distinct qualities that set Hammer Scopes apart from others:

1. Magnification and Optics Quality: 

Since the scopes have an adjustable optical system with a 32mm diameter that offers a magnification range of 3x to 9x, the magnifying scope range is suitable for small & mid-game hunting.

2. Build Quality Material: 

Nonetheless, have you ever heard the term that you cannot get the best when you do not have the perfect budget? It is realistic yet ideal to state that the build quality is the main thing to consider, particularly when it gets down to lower-cost riflescopes. Although the unit is cost-effective, you do not even have to substitute on some components over time.

3. Rifle Scope at an Affordable Price:

The cost has to be the most critical aspect of hammer scopes. Guess what? Budget-friendly rifle scopes, which will not even hurt you in terms of investment. A win-win situation. 

Technical Features of Hammers Scopes

So what are the great attributes of hammers’ rifle scopes? The turret screw caps are necessary in the first place. Additionally, the power wheel is no exception when it comes to certain features. However, extendable objective aim controls and Soft rubber strips for excellent traction are major technical characteristics.

Most hammer rifle scopes have included a personalized wire reticle with a circle core for fast target orientation on moving targets. In addition, multiple points compensate for bullet drop and side wind. 

Expert’s Opinion on Hammers Scope

Fortunately, with your riflescopes, you do get short-to-medium-range target shooting with PCP air rifles. Besides, most of their scopes work smoothly if you have .22 rifles. The circle and cross reticle are simplistic to associate with specific objects and contain large reference points to compensate for bullet drop and side wind. You can also adjust the aim while shooting the moving target for Parallex.

Most Popular Hammer Rifle Scopes:

1 Black Hammer 3-9x32AO Air Rifle Scope with One-Piece Mount

2 Hammers 4-12X40AO Air Gun Rifle Scope for High Power Magnum Spring 177 .22     Air Gun Rifle with 40mm Parallax Adjustable Objective Solid One-Piece Mount Built-in Stop Pin

3 Hammers 3-9x40AO .177 .22 Magnum Spring Air Gun Rifle Scope with Mount


  • Durable in any harsh climate
  • The optical lens quality is reasonable
  • For quick and easy targeting, good extendable goal, and fast concentrate ring
  • Parallax correction is top-end.
  • One-piece scope mount with four clamping screws and a built-in stop pin for increased holding strength and alignment
  • 1″ monotube body for high shock resistance performance
  • Turret screws work fine
  • Extended eye relief is great for mounting along a flat top
  • Red/Blue mil-dot reticle with luminous Dots in Two Colors
  • The main tube is 1 inch in diameter


  • Turning the windage turret can be difficult at times
  • Sadly, for some users, the scope would not hold zero among shots
  • Customer care can improve

Final Thoughts on Hummer Scopes

If the characterization and highlights that this article classified rigorously throughout made sense to you? Then, nothing should bother you as buyers, from selecting the most popular riflescopes and seeing for yourselves because based on experts viewpoints and the fact disclosed in this article, that your decision will not affect your cost or choice. Why should it do? Since these Hammers, riflescopes are highly practical for the people who have long wanted to get a reasonable riflescope, and for some reason, could not buy.  Therefore, if you are truly hunting enthusiasts who want to save money while getting the overall efficient quality, there is no logical reason that why you should not choose Hammers scopes.

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