Who Makes Pinty Scopes

Pinty scopes are optical sighting devices based on the model of a refracting telescope. They are also equipped with different sighting features, such as a red dot pointer for better aim. Hence, it makes perfect sense that you might be wondering that who makes them. Well, here’s the answer.

So, Who Makes Pinty Scopes?

The simple answer is Banyan Imports Inc. They are also known as Pinty and have their operations set in California. Basically, it is a California-based company that makes or imports the scopes from China. Their brand name is Pinty, and their website is linked here. Besides rifle scopes, they also have other outdoor accessories such as sight, various backpacks, exercise equipment, and a whole lot more.

However, we are sure that the scopes are built in China and then imported to the US. This makes the scopes affordable and have a sturdy build quality for seamless operation. These scopes are built to last and have various models ranging from simple red dot sights to larger sight-in scopes.

Are Pinty Scopes Safe to Use?

Pinty scopes are well-built and safe to use. It also feels sturdy and rugged when you pick it up, and it’s not something that will break down after shooting a handful of rounds.

Hence, Pinty scopes are an excellent option for people who need a quality scope at an affordable price.

Pinty makes a handful of scopes, from regular 4x magnification scopes to pro rifle scopes. It also makes sights from holographic views to red dot sights for various rifles. Therefore, the company has a lot of experience with making scopes, and you can rest easy that you will have a great time with their scopes.

Here is a complete list of all the scopes Pinty makes:

Red dot sights – Pinty makes red dot sights that have different reticles. The sights are perfect for short-distance rifles and make aiming down close targets easy. Hence, it is a classic option for everyone looking for sights.

Rangefinder scopes – These scopes are great for professional shooters who do a lot of hunting and long-range target practice. It’s perfect for magnifications from 3X up to 9X and more, depending on the model. Hence, it is ideal for pro users who are looking for an affordable pro scope.

Mil-dot Rifle scopes – Mil-dot rifle scopes are made to be used with various rifles and come with different magnification levels. It is also accompanied by a red and green illuminated reticle which makes it fantastic for aiming down targets. However, they fall short if you want a stable long-range scope. Hence, it is perfect for mid-range targets around 100-200 yards.

4-in-1 Rifle scopes – Finally, Pinty also makes combo scopes that come with various sights and magnification scopes. The scopes are water and dustproof and make up for a great experience. Hence, it is perfect for users that use multiple scopes or sights and need a combo scope for all their needs.


1. Are Pinty scopes good?

Pinty scopes are a solid, well-built option that has 3 Picatinny-style rails to fit various sighting aids. They also feature click knobs for elevation and windage adjustments making sighting straightforward. Also, the red or green-lighted drop lines are perfect for improving the aim.

2. Where are Pinty scopes manufactured?

Pinty scopes are manufactured in China and then imported to the US. This process is all done by a company known as Pinty based in California. You can rest assured that your scope is safe as it is tested to the standard parameters and then sold to the users. 

3. Is a 50mm scope better than a 40mm?

A 50mm scope transmits 55% or more light than a 40mm scope. Hence, you will get better results such as improved strength, a lower cost, considerably less weight. It also features less parallax and a greater depth of field with the 40mm scope.

4. What scope do I need for 300 yards?

The perfect scope for 300 yards is a 4x magnification scope, as it should be enough to scope into your target and improve your aim. Hence, the 4x magnification scope would be perfect for aiming correctly and having a smooth balance on your rifle.

Final Words

We hope that you have received your answer on who makes Pinty scopes. These scopes are made with precision and are durable equipment for all your compatible rifles. The scopes are perfect for magnification and also come at an affordable cost.

Make sure to compare the different models and then pick your ideal choice to have perfect control over your rifle and your aim.

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